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ECU Calendar 2018

*The exact dates of the first and the last round of each competition are finalized by the official invitation.

Official Calendar


European Senior Team Chess Championship 2018 Walbrzych/Poland 13-Apr-18 23-Apr-18
European Women’s Rapid Championship 2018 & European Women’s Blitz Championship 2018 Tbilisi/Georgia 1-Jun-18 5-Jun-18
European Amateur Chess Championship 2018 Budva/Montenegro 13-Jun-18 21-Jun-18
European School Chess Championship 2018 Krakow/Poland 29-Jun-18 8-Jul-18
European Youth Team Championship 2018 Bad Blankeburg, Thuringia/Germany 11-Jul-18 19-Jul-18
European Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018 Oradea, Bihor County/Romania 31-July-18 5-Aug-18
European Youth Chess Championship U8-U18 2018 Riga/Latvia 19-Aug-18 30-Aug-18
European Chess Club Cup 2018 Rhodes/Greece 13-Oct-18 21-Oct-18
European Chess Club Cup for Women 2018 Rhodes/Greece 13-Oct-18 21-Oct-18
European Individual Chess Championship 2018 Batumi/Georgia    
European Individual Women’s  Chess Championship 2018 Poprad-Tatry/Slovakia    
European Senior Chess Championship 2018 Oslo/Norway    

Affiliated Calendar – events under the patronage of the European Chess Union

European Youth Grand Prix – III Series Kirishi, Russia May  May 

*The European Youth Grand Prix will be played as the series of three tournaments held over two calendar years 2017-2018.



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