To: European Chess Federations

Dear Chess Friends,

I kindly ask you to complete the attached surveys on behalf of your federation to the best of your ability. These surveys are being conducted by the European Chess Union to collect data on women’s chess throughout Europe and being sent to representatives of all the federations in Europe.

There are two surveys. One survey focuses on the policies implemented by federations regarding women’s chess while the other focuses on the standard and number of women playing.

Download Survey No. 1 (PDF)Survey No 1. (Word Document)

Download Survey No. 2 (PDF)Survey No. 2 (Word Document)

Please note your response is private and confidential. Individual respondents will not be named in any data or reports. Participation in this survey is highly valued. If you are happy to receive follow up questions please provide your details at the end of the survey in the boxes provided.

If you have any questions about the surveys or would like more information e-mail: .

Thank you for your involvement in the survey,

Yours Sincerely,
Alice O’Gorman
On behalf of the ECU’s Women’s Commission