European Chess Union is delighted to announce “AiGroup”, as the General ECU sponsor and also as Diamond sponsor of the “European Golden Pawn”. On July 24 in Tbilisi (Georgia) a sponsorship agreement was signed, according to which the Georgian industrial company AiGroup has been announced as the General Sponsor of the European Chess Union and at the same time, as the Diamond Sponsor of the European Golden Pawn.


Based on this agreement, AiGroup takes an obligation to support financial the new initiative of the European Chess Union and together with the ECU to become one of the first hosts of the European Golden Pawn award ceremony. The sponsorship agreement comprises a four-year cooperation and as both sides state, they are certain that this term will definitely be prolonged in the future.

On behalf of the European Chess Union, the sponsorship agreement was signed by the President of the ECU Zurab Azmaiparashvili and on behalf of AiGroup the agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Kakhaber Guledani.


 Brief information about AiGroup

The Georgian Industrial holding Aigroup brings together Aicar, Aienergy, Aipower and Aiproduction. Aigroup focuses on environmentally friendly projects and gives them the priority. The mission of the company is sustainable development of green economy in Georgia.

  • AirCar- This company provides electric car sharing service in Georgia. With this project Aigroup keeps Georgia green and Healthy.
  • AiEnergy- Aienergy creates a network of smart urban charging stations for electric transport in order to improve the urban infrastructure and adjust it to the emerging requirements for electric vehicles.
  • AiPower- The company’s strategic direction is solar power stations and solar panels. Each watt generated by solar power plant is a step towords clean environment and energy independence.
  • AiProduction- This company in the shortest future will become the 1st electric powered vehicle producer in the region. The company will supply the Georgian, South Caucasus regional, Central Asian and European markets with EVs.


AiGroup – Tbilisi,  67 Tsknety Highway. Georgia / /


More about the “European Golden Pawn”

European Chess Union Board has decided to establish the annual award ceremony – _“European Golden Pawn” that will be held every year on the last Saturday of November in Monaco (Monte-Carlo). The first year of the award ceremony will be dedicated to European legends and their achievements. The honorary award ceremony will include special nominations categories that will be developed in the subsquent years.

More details about the European Golden Pawn will be announced in a scheduled press conference on 31st of July in Monaco and a separate press release.


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