ICCD European Deaf Chess Championships 2019 took place from 15th-21st July in Lviv, Ukraine. The event was held in 8 categories: Open for Women players, Open tournament in Open section, Teams competition, Women section Seniors 55+, Open section Seniors 60+, section U19, Open and Women regular sections.


130 players participated the event. Open section of the open tournament was won by Choroszej Aleksander (POL, 2010) who scored perfect 7 points out of 7 games. Second place went to Zabolotny Volodymyr (UKR, 1967) and third place came to Moldovanovic Dragan (SRB, 2030) thanks to the better tiebreaks than Cechi Goran (CRO, 2034) and Pokotaiev Vladyslav (UKR, 1736) who had the same score of 4.5 points.

Final rankings Open tournament – Open section


After 5 played rounds by Robin rounds system, Hamzovich Natalija (BLR, 1037) won Women’s section of the Open tournament with score of 4 points. Gorokhova Natalya (KAZ, 1302) took silver medal with 3.5 points and Muratova Aliva (KAZ) won bronze with 2.5 points.

Final rankings Open tournament- Women section


Marczukiewicz Jerzy (POL, 1891) triumphed in Seniors 60+ section with score of 5.5 points out of 7 played rounds. His comrade, Strzelecki Jerzy (POL, 1980) was a runner-up with 4.5 points and Krabbe Wolfgang (GER, 1809) took bronze with 4 points.

Final rankings- Seniors 60+ Open section


With maximum score of 5 points, Pashkevych Stefaniya (UKR) took gold in Women’s 55+ section. She was 2 points ahead of the silver medalist, Novik Galina (BLR, 1018) who finished the event with score of 3 points. Laslo Lucia-Laura (ROU) and Lenchanka Nina (BLR, 1152) tied for the third place, each with 2.5 points, but according to the tiebreaks Laslo Lucia-Laura ended on the third place.

Final rankings- Seniors 55+ Women’s section


A sensation was made in Youth U19 section, when 15 years old girl Szewczyk Malwina (POL) won the tournament with 6 points out of 7 games, without a lost game! Second place went to Kolb Denys from Ukraine who tied with Marchant-Winsor Jordan from England, since each scored 5.5 points. Kolb Denys took silver and Marchant-Winsor won bronze medal.

Final rankings U19


Grandmaster Gruenfeld Yehuda (ISR, 2435) won the Open section of the main event with all the victories and perfect 7/7. IM Orsag Milan (CZE, 2311) and Lapaj Mateusz (POL, 2223) tied for the second place, each with 5 points. According to tiebreaks, Orsag Milan took second place and Lapaj Mateusz ended on the third place.

Final rankings- Open section


In Women’s section of the main event Myronenko Natalya (UKR) and WIM Baklanova Tatiana (UKR) tied for the top, each with 6 points. Eventually, Myronenko Natalya took gold medal and Baklanova Tatiana finished second according to the additional criteria, while Osipova Aliona (UKR) took bronze medal with 4.5 points.

Final rankings- Women’s section


In teams competition, team of Almaty from Kazakhstan triumphed the event with 12 match points. Domestic team from Lviv, Ukraine, named Lemberg took silver medal with 10 match points, while three teams tied for the third place: Kaschtan from Kyiv, Gomel from Belarus and Rybnik from Poland, each with 9 match points. Kaschtan from Kyiv had the best result per boards and the greatest number of points and ended on the third place.

Final rankings- Team competition


On the Opening ceremony of the event, European Chess Union was represented by ECU Vice-President, Mr. Adrian Mikhalchishin.


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