Monaco Chess Championships 2018

Monaco Chess Championship 2018 and 1st Monaco Blitz Chess Championship took place from 25th Februaty to 3rd March 2018, in Monaco.

After 7 played rounds, GM Igor Efimov became the Monaco Chess Champion with 6 points, while the second place went to IM Igor Berezovsky with 5.5 points. GM Igor Efimov, Monaco Champion 2018 is qualified to participate to the European Small Nations Championship  (13-23 april FAI).

In women’s section, the winner became WGM Tatiana Dornbush with 4.5 points out of seven games, while the silver medal went to WFM Noela- Joyce Lomandong with 4 points.

championnat de monaco 2018 GM Igor Efimov WGM Tatiana Dornbusch

For the first time, Monaco Chess Federation organized Monaco Blitz Championship. The winner and the 1st Monaco Blitz Champion became GM Igor Efimov who had a perfect score and 8 points out of 8 played games! The first runner-up was silver Karl Ribbegren with 5 points.

In women’s section, WGM Tatiana Kostiuk triumphed again, this time with score of 5.5 points/8 and the second place went again to WFM Noela-Joyce Lomandong with 4.5 points.

Monaco Chess Federation announced the players who will compete on the 43rd World Chess Olympiad which will be held in Batumi, Georgia. In Monaco Team for Open section will be playing: GM Igor Efimov, IM Igor Berezovsky, FM Pierre Villegas, Karl Ribbegren and Jean-François Nelis, while the participation in Monaco Women’s Team will take: WGM Tatiana Dornbusch, WFM Noela-Joyce Lomandong, WIM Julia Lebel-Arias, WCM Svetlana Berezovska and Fiorina Berezovska.

championnat blitz Monaco 2018