European Youth and Junior Chess Championships 2021 will take place from 15-21 October 2021 and will be played as a “hybrid” event within 14 categories: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20, open and girls sections separately.

The events will be played in several venues with a all FIDE rules through Tornelo platform and will be submitted for rating. Swiss System, 9 rounds, rate of play 90 minutes for a game per player + 30-seconds of increment after each move.

Each National Federations has the right to nominate up to 3 players per category. Federations have the right of a different distribution of the total of 42 spots between categories.  Additionally, each National federation has the right to nominate the medal winners of the European Hybrid Youth Chess Championship 2020.

Each National federation will appoint one team representative for the technical meeting and any communication during the event. A team representative cannot be accepted as an arbiter. 

Registrations are made by the National Federation filling the special registration form and sent it to

Registration form can be downloaded here

The deadline for registrations is Friday, 1st   October 2021.

All the players compete from the approved tournament halls per country. Tournament halls are selected and installed by federations and local organisers. Each National federation may select up to 3 venues in 3 different cities which will be approved by the European Chess Union. In exceptional cases, ECU may decide on more venues in one country.

In each playing venue, the necessary number of venue cameras shall be installed to ensure ample supervision. Additionally, each player shall be supervised by a camera (notebook or external side camera).

In each playing venue, Zoom calls with screen sharing are mandatory. The event’s Chief Arbiter shall be provided with all Zoom recordings.

A detailed guide for the venues set up will be sent to National federations.


The first winner (gold medal) in each of 12 categories is the European Chess Champion 2021 in the respective category and will be invited player for European Youth Chess Championship 2022 as a special prize.

The first winners (gold medal) in Open U20 and Girls U20 is the European Junior and Girls Champions 2021 and will be invited (free accommodation) in the European Individual Chess Championships 2022 (qualifiers for FIDE World Cup).

The first 3 winners of each category will be awarded with e-medals.

The first 6 winners of each category (84 players) will be awarded with an annual training Program (8 months) through the European Chess Academy program with Top Trainers.

Special Prizes: 

The best 6 collective results in European Youth (one player per age category with the highest score per federation) decide the team winners and medalists in the open and girls’ sections. The first 3 Team winners of each section will be awarded with e-medals.

ECU Certificates will be available for all participants.

Contact information:

Official regulations of the event can be downloaded down below.

European Youth&Junior Hybrid Chess Championships 2021- Official regulations