CZECH TOUR 2019/2020

19th International Chess Festivals Series of Czech Republic this year will be opened with with 30th edition of Czech Open, which will take place from 11th-28th July 2019 in Pardubice, Czech Republic.


Czech Open 2019, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, will contain more than 30 different events, open tournaments, blitz and rapid events, team events, Fischer random events, youth events and others. The events will take place in the official venue of the tournament CSOB Pojistovna arena.  The total prize fund of the events will be more than 40.000 EUR.

Besides the events for chess players, the organizers provided also very wide Accompanying programmes: games analysis in the festival party tent, small football tournament, bowling tournament, table tennis tournament, crossword puzzles and Sudoku competitions, trips, social evenings at the swimming pool etc.

Complete information, such as regulations of individual championships can be found on the internet festival Website.

Regulations of Czech Open 2019 are available here.


Besides the Czech Open 2019, within the Czech Tour 2019/2020 events are:

A. 6th SUMMER PRAGUE OPEN (2th-9th August 2019)
B. 22nd OLOMOUC CHESS SUMMER (10th-17th August 2019)
C. 10th HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN (26th October 2nd November 2019)
D. 9th BRNO OPEN (3rd-9th November 2019)
E. 20th LITOMYSL OPEN (26th December 2019–1st January 2020)
F. 19th PRAGUE OPEN (10th-17th January 2020)
G. 19th MARIENBAD OPEN ( 18th-25th January 2020)
H. 20th LIBEREC OPEN (22nd-29th February 2020)

Prospect of Czech Tour events 2019/2020

Contact Information:

AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o. Strossova 239, 530 03 Pardubice Czech Republic
Tel. +420-466 535 200
mobile phone +420-608 203 007
Official Website of the tour
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