Work4Chess – Conference

An online conference with a focus on restarting chess in leagues, clubs and schools, titled Work4Chess, is held on Saturday, 18 September 2021, in English. The meeting also has sessions on hybrid chess and preventing cheating through education, workshops on marketing and improving the user experience, and exhibitor presentations by Tornelo, Play Magnus Group and others. All recordings stay available for registrants until 27 September. Thanks to an ECU grant all officials and staff members of ECU member federations participate for free. Claim your free access code by sending – just enter re: Work4Chess – from the e-mail address you will register with to

Register here after you take your free code:

Conference Program

The new season is coming. Players and organisers are keen on returning to the boards. More chess events than ever seem to be in the making. But planning and managing events is complicated by uncertainties over Covid-19 variants, the efficacy of the vaccination programmes, and ever-changing public regulations. ChessTech is bringing experts and activists together for a one-day conference to help federations and clubs cope with these challenges as well as to make the best out of tens of millions new players who discovered online chess or got hooked by The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.