European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 concluded

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 concluded yesterday in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event was played in two sections: 50+ and 65+. The Winner of 50+ category became the domestic team, team of Czech Republic with score of 17 match points.

Team of Slovakia was second, lagging behind the Winners for only one match point. With 16 match points, Slovakia claimed silver.

The Czech team “1960-69” was third with 13 match points.

The best Women team of 50+ section was Czech Republic with 8 match points.

European Senior Team Vice-Champion in Women’s section became Germany with 3 match points.

Israel1 claimed the title of European Senior Team Chess Champion of 65+ section. With 8 victories and one drawn match Israel scored final 17 match points to be the sole Winner of the event.

Second place came to German team “Lasker Schachstiftung GK” with 16 match points.

Teams of France and “Lysa nad Labem – 100 Let” (CZE) tied for the third place with 12 match points each, but according to number of board points, France took bronze.

German Women Team claimed the gold of Women’s 65+ category with 7 match points.

Czech Republic Women’s team was silver with 6 match points.

Final standings

The 2021 European Senior Team Chess Championship took place from 29th August – 8th September, in organization of AVE-KONTAKT Pardubice agency, Czech Chess Federation and European Chess Union.

The total prize fund of the event was 6.000 EUR with material prizes for the best individual players per each board.

Official Website of the event