Queens’ Online Chess Festival 2022

The Queens’ Online Chess Festival 2022, a series of continental women’s online blitz tournaments, starts on June 05, 2022.

The event organized by FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess in cooperation with FIDE Events Commission, is supported by the Asian Chess Federation, the African Chess Confederation, the European Chess Union, and the Confederation of Chess for Americas.

Female players from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas will compete in the Continental Online Blitz Qualification Tournaments first, and those who qualify will advance to the Queens’ Online Individual and Team Finals. 

The festival welcomes all women chess players from around the world of all ages and all rating groups, including unrated chess fans.

To facilitate the registration process national federations are asked to appoint team captains and to send their contact details to queensfestival@fide.com.  Registrations for the tournaments are made by the National Federations by filling this form and sending it to the organizers’ email address: queensfestival@fide.com.

The deadline for registration
Friday, May 27, 2022 for America; 
Friday, June 03, 2022 for Africa and Asia; 
Friday, June 09, 2022 for Europe.

To learn more, download the PDF presentation of the event.

Official Regulations of the event