moscow open

The 2015 Moscow Open – 11th International RSSU Chess Cup was has started. The festival takes place in Moscow, Russia from 29th January to 9th February, 2015.

The tournament consists of 8 events, including Amateur, Veteran, Students, School and Chess Composition tournaments. The main events are Men’s and Women’s Cup of Russia Stage, gathering some of the top chess players.

The 11th edition is marked by a new record in number of participants – 1735 players from 25 countries in total!

The top seeds in the Open tournament are GM Nepomniachtchi, Ian 2714, GM Lysyj, Igor 2700, GM Alekseev, Evgeny 2679, GM Sjugirov, Sanan 2678, GM Inarkiev, Ernesto 2675, GM Grachev, Boris 2670, GM Fedoseev, Vladimir 2668, GM Artemiev, Vladislav 2659, etc, and in Women WGM Goryachkina, Aleksandra 2451, IM Batsiashvili, Nino 2450, WGM Kovanova, Baira 2405, IM Bodnaruk, Anastasia 2402, WGM Guseva, Marina 2375, WGM Charochkina, Daria 2370, etc.

opening ceremony 30th Jan

The Children’s Tournament was officially opened yesterday, on 30th January, on the same day of the 78th birthday of the legendary Grandmaster Boris Spassky, the 10th World Chess Champion.

opening ceremony children

RSSU Rector, Doctor of Economics, Mrs. Natalia Pochinok, Prefect of the North-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, Mr. Valeri Vinogradov, ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou and the Tournament Director Mr. Alexander Kostyev were present at the opening ceremony and welcomed the participants.

Opening Ceremony Children

The children’s tournament started one day earlier, while the Grand opening of the main tournament of the International Chess Cup RSSU Moscow Open 2015 was held on January 31st at 3.00 pm.

After a very rich cultural and music program, the organizers and the honoured guests – the first deputy head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport in Moscow, Mr. Nikolai Gulyaev, the 12th World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, Secretary General of the European Chess Union, Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, the first vice-president of the Moscow Chess Federation Mr. Nikita Kim and RSSU Rector, Mrs. Natalia Pochinok, greeted the players.

Opening Ceremony 31Jan

The ECU Secretary General Mr. Tsorbatzoglou addressed to the participants and expressed his pleasure to be a part of this great event.

“I am honored to be here today in this wonderful university, in a great city, a country known for its chess and cultural traditions. Already, this tournament is one of the largest in the world. I know that RSSU Rector Mrs. Natalia Pochinok has plans to expand its scale, and therefore we are discussing the possibility of holding and European Championships next years during the festival”, said Mr. Tsorbadzloglou.

Opening Ceremony

After the opening ceremony the press conference took place, and then the friendly blitz match between the organizers and the guests of honor was held.

Press Conference

The multiple European and Russian Champion and three-time Olympic Champion with the national team, RSSU graduate GM Valentina Gunina played an interesting game against former World Champion Karpov which she eventually won, while the game between Mrs. Pochinok and the ECU Secretary General Mr. Tsorbadzloglou ended with the peaceful outcome.

Gunina vs Karpov

Blitz Match

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