Final phase of European Online Chess Championship at platform will be played today, starting from 17:00 CET. Top ranked 14 players from E Group (2300+) Grand-Prix qualified for the Knock-out finals, and 2 invited players are going them to the top 16 list.

The Two invited players which will compete in the final Knock-out are: Gms Anish Giri (NED) and Navara David (CZE). Top 14 players according to combined score of two GrandPrix E events are:

Sarana AlexeyRUS
Kovalev VladislavBLR
Keymer VincentGER
Gazik ViktorSVK
Mikhalevski VictorISR
Movsesian SergeiARM
Durarbayli VasifAZE
Boruchovsky AvitalISR
Sargissian GabrielARM
Galaktionov ArtemRUS
Meier GeorgGER
Bluebaum MatthiasGER
Demchenko AntonRUS
Asadli VugarAZE

Full list with combined scores and ties from both events can be downloaded here.

Pairings tree of the Knockout Finals:

LIVE broadcast will be live broadcasted through TV. Special guests of the broadcast will be: ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, ECU Vice President, Mrs. Dana Reizniece- Ozola and representatives of ECU General Sponsor- AiGroup.

The Knockout event will be played with time control 10min+2seconds, in two games matches. If the match is tied after 2 played rounds, Armageddon game follows, and the colours will be decided by drawing of lots.