Croatian Grandmsater Ivan Saric (2650) takes the sole lead after 6 rounds at the European Individual Chess Championship 2016 in Gjakova, after defeating GM Maxim Matlakov (RUS 2693).

GMs Baadur Jobava, Ernesto Inarkiev and Ivan Saric

Saric vs Matlakov was the only decisive result on the first 6 boards, which gave the Croatian chance to emerge as the sole leader.

On the top board Radoslaw Wojtaszek (POL 2722) drew with David Navara (CZE 2735) after an interesting game with mutual chances. As the Polish later described on Twitter: „David surprised me in the opening and after interesting start we went to equal ending“.

Wojtaszek vs Navara
Wojtaszek vs Navara

Baadur Jobava (GEO 2661) also drew with Ernesto Inarkiev (RUS 2686) after a perpetual in an early middlegame.

GM Igor Kovalenko (LAT 2644) defeated Mircea-Emilian Parligras (ROU 2559) with Black and joined the tie for the second place.

Round 6
Playing hall during round 6


Standings after round 6:

Saric 5.5

Wojtaszek, Jobava, Navara, Inarkiev and Kovalenko 5

Vitiuigov, Ipatov, Salgado, Cheparinov, Vallejo, Ponomariov, Zubov, Goganov, Fressinet, Berkes, Anton, Bartel, Nabaty, Ter-Sahakyan and Demchenko 4.5 points, etc.

Alexander Beliavsky
Legendary Alexander Beliavsky

Top pairings of the 7th round are:

Inarkiev vs Saric, Navara vs Jobava, Kovalenko vs Wojtaszek, Vitiugov vs Zubov, Ter-Sahakyan vs ponovariov, etc.

Twe reached the half mark of the tournament and today is the free day, to give the players needed and well deserved rest.

The battles continue tomorrow, Wednesday 19th May, same time same place!

Eglantina Shabanaj (ALB)
The only female player at the Championship Eglantina Shabanaj (ALB)

The photos from the Championship are available on the Official website as well as on the ECU facebook page.


Photos by Gunnar Bjornsson and Tomasz Delega