Ernesto Inarkiev (RUS 2686) and David Navara (CZE 2735) became the leaders after 7 rounds played at the European Individual Chess Championship 2016 in Gjakova with 6 points.

top boards

The top seed David Navara stormed through the 7th round by defeating Baadur Jobava (GEO 2661) in a Rook ending. The Richter-Rauzer Sicilian was played and the game was quickly conerted into an ending. It seemed the position was equal and the game will soon be drawn. But the great play by the Czech draw the attention of the spectators and soon Black’s position became very passive until eventually Jobava had to resign in zug-zwang.

Round 7

In the top clash of the 7th round Ernesto Inarkiev defeated the leader Ivan Saric (CRO 2650) with White pieces. Kings Indian Gligoric line was played, and even though it was difficult to find a concrete mistake for Saric, Inarkiev improved his position move by move and eventually won. Nice victory for the Russian made him co-leader with Navara and they will face each other in the 8th round.

Round 7

Igor Kovalenko (LAT 2644) drew with Radoslaw Wojtaszek (POL 2722), while Nikita Vitiugov (RUS 2721) drew with Alexander Zubov (UKR 2612).

Round 7 results

Standings after 7 rounds:

1-2 Inarkiev and Navara 6 points

3-8 Wojtaszek, Saric, Kovalenko, Bartel, Goganov and Ter-Shakyan 5.5 points

9-27 Jobava, Cheparinov, Vallejo, Vitiugov, Zubov, Fressinet, Berkes, Salgado, Dubov, A.Brkic, Anton, Lupulescu, Parligras, Piroun, Nisipeanu, Hovhannisyan, Demchenko, Palac and A.Bortnyk 5 points, etc.

Round 7

Top pairings of the 8th round are:

Navara vs Inarkiev, Wojtaszek vs Ter-Shakyan, Bartel vs Goganov, Saric vs Kovalenko, etc.

Round 8 is scheduled for today at 3.30 om (local time) with live broadcast of the games.

Live games are available through the ECU website, section LIVE

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Round 7