Russian Grandmaster Ernesto Inarkiev (2686) defeated GM David Navara (CZE 2735) in the top clash of the 8th round of the European Individual Chess Championship 2016 and took the sole lead with 7 points!

Top boards

All eyes were on the first board as the Russian and Czech were both the leaders facing each other, so the steaks were high. Whoever wins the game gets huge advantage in the finish of the tournament.

Hovhannisyan vs Vitiugov

The Nimzo-Indian was played and the game was about equal. At some point Navara decided to push 19. g4, which was crucial mistake and the start of a wrong plan. Inarkiev reacted well and found the best moves for Black, eventually benefitting from the White’s bad strategy.

Jobava vs Demchenko

It can be said that the whole 8th round was very fighting, as the first seven games were decisive and on the on top 10 boards we saw only 2 draws.

On the second board Radoslaw Wojtaszek (POL 2722) defeated Samvel Ter-Shakyan (ARM 2601) showing very good and accurate play in the endgame.


Alexey Goganov (RUS 2600) was better than Polish GM Mateusz Bartel (2653), while Igor Kovalenko (LAT 2644) defeated former leader of the tournament Ivan Saric (CRO 2650) for whom unfortunately this is the second loss in the row.

Round 8 results

Standings after 8 rounds:

1 Ernesto Inarkiev 7

2-4 Wojtaszek, Kovalenko, Goganov 6.5

5-11 Navara, Jobava, Vallejo, Fressinet, Hovhannisyan, Dubov and Piorun 6, etc.


Top pairings of the 9th round:

Kovalenko vs Inarkiev, Goganov vs Wojtaszek, Piorun vs Navara, Jobava vs Vallejo, Fressinet vs Hovhannisyan, Nisipeanu vs Dubov, etc.


The first symbolic move in the game Navara vs Inarkiev was made by President of Organizing Committee of the Championship and Mayor of Gjakova, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari – Lila.

first move

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Photos by Gunnar Bjornnson