The play-off phase of the European Online Chess Club Cup concluded and 9 teams are announced as Finalists of the most prestigious European Clubs event.

18 teams participated in the play-offs, separated into 3 groups, and the top three teams of each group qualified for the Finals which will be played on the 30th and 31st of March, through the Tornelo online platform. The Winner team of the European Online Women’s Club Cup, Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo is the 10th Finalist of the European Online Chess Club Cup.

Ladya Kazan from Russia took the convincing victory in group A winning all the matches to score 10 match points. The second-place came to Hamburger Schachklub 1830 from Germany with 6 match points while three teams tied for the third place, each with 4 match points, but tiebreaks (board points) decided that the last finalist from the A group is French team Clichy Echecs 92.

Odlar Yurdu from Azerbaijan took first place in group B scoring 8 match points, while Novy Bor from the Czech Republic and German team SF Deizisau e.V. tied for second place with 7 match points, each, but both teams qualified for the Finals.

After intense fights in group C, Mednyi Vsadnik from Russia and 4NCL Guildford from England tied for the top, scoring 6 match points, each, while Poland Hussars and New Old Boys from Russia tied for third place with 5 match points, each. Tiebreaks decided that the Finalists are Poland Hussars.

All the results and standings can be found here.

All the games were LIVE broadcasted together with commentaries by WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili and the special guest of the ECU live studio was the ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili who joined the commentaries and drawing of lots for the Finals of the event.

Drawing of lots decided that Finalists will have the following starting numbers:

1- Clichy Echecs 92 (France)
2- Cercle d’Echecs de Monte Carlo (Monaco)
3- Mednyi Vsadnik (Russia)
4- SF Deizisau e.V. (Germany)
5- Hamburger Schachklub 1830 (Germany)
6- Ladya Kazan (Russia)
7- 4NCL Guildford (England)
8- Novy Bor (Czech Republic)
9- Odlar Yurdu (Azerbaijan)
10- Poland Hussars (Poland)

The finalists will play 9 rounds Robin round event, with the time control of 15 minutes+10 seconds of an increment. The first round of Finals starts on Tuesday at 14:30 CET and can be followed LIVE through the ECU Twitch channel or through the ECU Facebook page, as well as through the European Chess TV youtube channel.