The first phase of the European Online Club Cup concluded after two days of play through Tornelo online platform.

90 teams separated into 9 groups played a Round-robin system tournament of 9 rounds, and top two teams of each group qualified for the play-offs which will be played on 29th of March 2021.

The team of Ladya Kazan from Russia conquered the top of group A with 16 match points and OSG Baden Baden e.V. from Germany took second place with 15 match points to qualify for the second phase of the event.

Novy Bor (CZE) convincingly took the first place in group B with all the victories and 18 match points, while Hamburger Schachklub 1830 from Germany was second with 14 match points.

In group C Medniy Vsadnik from Russia was first with 17 match points, and SF Deizisau e.V. (GER) won second place with 15 match points.

England Team 4NCL Guildford was convincing in group D with a perfect score of 18 match points, while C’Chartres Echecs A from France took second place with 15 match points.

The first place of group E came to Odlar Yurdu from Azerbaijan with maximum 18 match points, and Beer Sheva Chess Club from Israel came second with 15 match points.

Clichy Echecs 92 from France came on the top of group F with 15 match points while the second place came to Belarus Chess Team Svetlana with 14 match points.

Polish Klub Szachowy Polonia Wroclaw came first in group G scoring 17 match points and the second place went to New Old Boys from Russia with 15 match points.

Greco Notary Chess Team from Ukraine conquered the top of group H with a score of 17 match points and SV 1930 Hockenheim from Germany took second place with 16 match points.

Fight for the top two places was very intense in group I where Poland Hussars became the Winners of the group with 16 match points, and Tehsil Imdan from Azerbaijan lagged for only one point to be second with 15 match points.

All the results and standings of the Qualification phase can be found here.

All the games of the first phase were LIVE broadcasted through the ECU Twitch channel and through the ECU Facebook page, and LIVE stream was available through the European Chess TV youtube channel, together with LIVE commentaries by WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili and her special guests, such as GM Adrian Mikhalchishin and IM Eva Repkova.

Play-off starts tomorrow with the participation of 18 teams, separated into 3 groups of 6 teams. These groups will play a Round Robin tournament and top 3 teams of each group will qualify for the Finals! Groups will be made according to regulations of the event:

The 1st round of Play-offs starts tomorrow from 14:30 CET according to schedule: