European Youth&Junior Chess Champions 2021 crowned!

European Youth&Junior Chess Championships 2021 concluded yesterday after 9 rounds, 900 players from 33 federations participated the event, playing from 58 approved hybrid venues.

The Awards ceremony of the event will take place on Saturday, 23rd of October, starting from 18:00 CEST. The ceremony will be broadcasted LIVE through the ECU Youtube channel.

The Champion of the Girls U8 category is Barabash Anastasiya Aleks (RUS, 1303) scoring 7.5 points to be alone on the top of the list. Zavivaeva Kristina (RUS, 1145) and Kuvaeva Veronika (RUS) tied for the second place, but tiebreak criteria decided that Zavivaeva Kristina takes silver and Kuvaeva Veronika was third.

Kleschevnikov Arseny (RUS, 1218) won the Open U8 event with score of 8 points. Three players followed him with 7.5 points, each: Kleimenov Nikolay (RUS, 1645), Nezhyvenko Mykhaylo (UKR, 1282) and Shen Tingrui (GER, 1353). According to tiebreaks, Kleimenov Nikolay was second, Nezhyvenko Mykhaylo came third and Shen Tingrui finished the event on the fourth place.

Russia, Moscow playing venue

Preobrazhenskaya Diana (RUS, 1764) convincingly won the Girls U10 championship, scoring 8.5/9 points. Semenova Vasilisa (RUS, 1305) took second place with 7 points, while 5 players tied for bronze with score of 6.5 points, each. Bashirli Saadat (AZE, 1284) had the best tiebreak criteria and won bronze.

After turnover in the last round, Cankurt Arda (TUR, 1356) became the Winner of Open U10 section with 7.5 points and better tiebreak criteria than Negrean Andrei (ROU, 1847) who was leading until the round 9. In a direct encounter in the last round of the event, Cankurt Arda won Negrean Andrei and claimed gold, while Negrean finished the event on the third place. Four players tied for the third place, but Temirbekov Taimaz (RUS, 1573) had the best tiebreaks and won bronze.

Cankurt Arda, photo from Turkish Chess Federation

Shukhman Anna (RUS, 2042) became the sole Winner of Girls U12 section with score of 7.5 points. Kirtadze Anastasia (GEO, 1655), Goriachkina Oksana (RUS, 1756) and Iudina Veronika (RUS, 1502) tied for the second place with 7 points, each. Tiebreaks criteria decided that Kirtadze Anastasia takes silver, Goriachkina Oksana came third and Iudina Veronika was fourth.

Camlar Arda (TUR, 1968) triumphed in Open U12 category with score of 8 points. Zemlyanskii Ivan (RUS, 2096) came second with 7.5 points. Novozhilov Semen (RUS, 2106) and Chertkov Maksim (RUS, 1734) tied for the third place with 7 points, each, and according to tiebreaks Novozhilov Semen came third while Chertkov Maksim finished on the fourth position.

Camlar Arda, photo from Turkish Chess Federation

In section for Girls U14, Kobak Polina (RUS, 1694) claimed gold scoring 8 points. Mikheeva Galina (RUS, 2034) and Lobo Pereira Arami (ESP, 1765) tied for silver medal scoring 7 points, each. Tiebreaks criteria decided that Mikheeva Galina takes silver medal and Lobo Pereira Arami came bronze.

Zakharov Alexey O. (RUS, 1962), number 33 on the starting rank list, surprised and became the European Youth Champion in section Open U14, with final score of 7.5 points. Three players tied for the second place with 7 points, each: Khubukshanov Erdem (RUS, 2373), Habans Aguerrea Javier (ESP, 2308) and Taspinar Yanki (TUR, 2147). Tiebreks decided that Khubukshanov takes silver, Habans Aguerrea Javier comes third and Tapsinar Yanki is fourth.

Sochi, Russia venue

Allahverdiyeva Ayan (AZE, 2051) won the first place in Girls U16 category, scoring 7.5/9 points. Kanyamarala Trisha (IRL, 2082) claimed silver with 7 points, while two players tied for bronze with 6.5 points, each. According to tiebreak criteria, Tsotsonava Elene (GEO, 1887) won bronze and Hakobyan Astghik (ARM, 2017) came fourth.

Krastev Alexander (GER, 2423) and Lutsko Artem (UKR, 2418) tied for the first place in Open U16 section. Krastev Alexander had better tiebreak criteria and won gold medal, while Lutsko Artem took silver. Three players tied for the third place with score of 6.5 points, each, and according to tiebreaks Bicer Atakan Mert claimed bronze.

Germany venue

Loskutova Viktoriya (RUS, 2169) and Imsyil Malak (AZE, 2067) with the same score of 7 points tied for the top of Girls U18 section. Tiebreaks criteria decided the Winner: Loskutova Viktoriya, and Ismayil Malak took silver. Miroshnik Ekaterina (RUS, 2092) won bronze medal with score of 6.5 points.

In Open U18 section, Ilyasli Ughur (AZE, 2079) won the Championship with score of 7.5 points. Stoyanov Tsvetan (BUL, 2396) and Kavyev Ruslan (RUS, 2304) tied for the second place, scoring 6.5 points each. Stoyanov Tsvetan had better tiebreaks and finished the event on the second position while Kavyev Ruslan took bronze.

Azerbaijan venue

In Girls Juniors U20 category, Schulze Lara (GER, 2250) and Sliwicka Alicja (POL, 2304) tied for the first place with 7 points, each. Tiebreaks decided that gold goes to Germany – Schulze Lara, and Sliwicka Alicja won silver. Afonasieva Anna (RUS, 2227) won third place with 6.5 points.

Open Junior U20 category brought great and intense fights for the gold. Three players tied on the top and tiebreaks decided the medalists. With the best tiebreaks, 15 years old IM Murzin Volodar (RUS, 2513) won the Championship. IM Pantzar Milton (SWE, 2413) came second and IM Salemgareev Tagir (RUS, 2489) took bronze.

The best 6 collective results in European Youth (one player per age category with the highest score per federation) decided the team winners and medalists in the open and girls’ sections. The first 3 Team winners of each section will be awarded with e-medals.

All the results and ranking crosstables can be found here. Results are provisional till confirmation of the Fair Play Panel.

Moscow venue 2

All the games were broadcasted live, and could have been followed live through, and other broadcast platforms. Games were broadcasted also with LIVE commentaries by WIM Raluca Sgîrcea through the ECU Twitch channel. 

ECU Live studio of the event hosted special guests during the rounds: ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros TsorbatzoglouECU Vice President Ms. Eva Repkova and ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

A preview of the event and list of prizes for the Winners can be found here.