European Youth&Junior Chess Championships 2021 – R7 report

Seven rounds have been already played at the European Youth&Junior Hybrid Chess Championships 2021 and only two rounds left before the announcement of the Winners.

The event is played in 7 age categories: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20 (open and girls separately), in Swiss system, 9 rounds, through Tornelo playing platform. 33 European National Federations and 900 young talents participate in the event, playing from 58 approved venues.

Most of the sections got the sole leaders, entering the last two rounds fighting for the medals.

Spain venue

In Girls U8 section, Barabash Anastasiya Aleks (RUS, 1303) leads with 6.5/7 points. She is followed by 4 girls, who tie for the second place with 5.5 points each: Vishtal Olga An (RUS), Veselow Zoe (ENG), Zavivaeva Kristina (RUS, 1145) and Kuvaeva Veronika (RUS).

Two Russian comrades tie for the top in Open U8 section with 6.5 points each: Kleimenov Nikolay (RUS, 1645) and Kleschevnikov Arseny (RUS, 1218). Oz Ege (TUR) and Nezhyvenko Mykhaylo (UKR) share the third place with score of 6 points each.

Russia, Sochi – playing venue

Preobrazhenskaya Diana (RUS, 1764) emerged as the sole leader of Girls U10 section with score of 6.5 points. She is followed by: Rida Ruqayyah (ENG), Aydogan Arya (TUR, 1250), Bashirli Saadat (AZE, 1284) and Blinova Sofia (RUS, 1297) who tie for the second place with 5.5 points, each.

Negrean Andrei (ROU, 1847) dominates the Open U10 section with perfect score of 7 points. A group of 8 players tie for the second place, lagging behind with 5.5 points.

Romania, Bucharest – venue

Two girls tie for the top in Girls U12 category: Kirtadze Anastasia (GEO, 1655), Shukhman Anna (RUS, 2042), with the same score of 6 points. Mgeladze Kesaria (GEO, 1445) is just behind, on the third place, scoring 5.5 points.

Camlar Arda (TUR, 1968) is convincing in the Open U12 category with maximum 7 points. Zemlyanskii Ivan (RUS, 2096) is second with 6 points, and group of 5 players tie for the third place with 5.5 points, each.

Turkey, Ankara – venue

Russian girls showed the best scores till now in Girls U14 sections. Kobak Polina (RUS, 1694) and WFM Shvedova Alexandra (RUS, 2089) tie for the first place with 6 points, while their comrades WFM Mikheeva Galina (RUS, 2034) and WFM Zhapova Yana (RUS, 2315), together with Azerbaijani Abdinova Narmin (AZE, 1623) tie for the third place with 5.5 points, each.

FM Seemann Jakub (POL, 2299) and FM Khubukshanov Erdem (RUS, 2373) share the top of Open U14 section, scoring 6 points each. Zakharov Alexey (RUS, 1962) and Ponomarev Vsevolod (RUS, 2135) tie for bronze with 5.5 points.

Moscow, Russia – venue

In category for Girls U16, WIM Kanyamarala Trisha (IRL, 2082) emerged on the top with 6 points. She is followed by 3 players who tie for the second place with 5.5 points, each: WFM Allahverdiyeva Ayan (AZE, 2051), WFM Tsotsonava Elene (GEO, 1887) and Shpakivskaya Alina (RUS, 1875).

In the same age category, Open section, FM Czernek Tymon (POL, 2163) is the sole leader, scoring 6 points. Talibov Shiroghlan (AZE, 2148), Krastev Alexander (GER, 2423), Lutsko Artem (UKR, 2418) and Bicer Atakan Mert (TUR, 2375) are behind with 5.5 points.

Poland venue

WFM Loskutova Viktoriya (RUS, 2169) is the sole leader of Girls U18 category, scoring 6/7 points. Ismayil Malak (AZE, 2067) currently holds the second place with 5.5 points, while three girls tie for the third place scoring 5 points, each.

Open U18 category is led by Ilyasli Ughur (AZE, 2079) who is alone on the top with 6.5 points. Kavyev Ruslan (RUS, 2304) is on the second place with 5.5 points, and Stoyanov Tsvetan (BUL, 2304) and Van Dael Siem (NED, 2385) tie for the third position with 5 points, each.

Azerbaijan venue

WIM Sliwicka Alicja (POL, 2304) is the sole leader of girls U20 section with 6.5 points. Schulze Lara (GER, 2250) lags behind for 1 point with 5.5 points, and WIM Afonasieva Anna (RUS, 2227) currently holds the third place with 5 points.

IM Murzin Volodar (RUS, 2531) and IM Pantzar Milton (SWE, 2413) share the top of Open U20 section, scoring 5.5 points, each. IM Salemgareev Tagir (RUS, 2489) is on the third place with 5 points.

All the results, standings and parings of the round 8 can be found here.

Germany venue

The penultimate 8th round of the event will start today from 16:00 CEST.

All the games are broadcasted live, and can be followed live through, and other broadcast platforms. Games can be also followed with LIVE commentaries by WIM Raluca Sgîrcea through the ECU Twitch channel. 

ECU Live studio of the event hosted special guests during the rounds: ECU Secretary General Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU Vice President Ms. Eva Repkova and ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili.

ECU Secretary General, Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou joined the studio during the third round, and gave an insight into organization and the new rules of FIDE rated Hybrid competitions.

ECU Vice President, Ms. Eva Repkova, gave an interview during the European Youth&Junior Championships broadcast of the round 4.

ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili joined the live stream show of #EYCC2021 and had an interesting discussion with host of the stream, WIM Raluca Sirgea, about the ECU competitions, chess as an educational tool and future ECU plans.

Photo gallery of all venues can be found here.