European Youth Team Chess Championship 2019 concluded yesterday in Pardubice, Czech Republic. After harsh struggles Poland won double crown in U12 open and girls sections, the city of Pleven triumphed in Girls U18 category and Germany became the Winner of section Open U18.

After early loss in the 3rd round, team of Germany leaped on the top of Open U18 section after four played rounds, and maintained the leadership until the end of the event. Germany emerged as the sole Winner with score of 12 match points, silver medals went to Netherlands with 10 match points and the third place came to Austria with 9 match points.

Open U18- Final rankings


Top seeder of Girls U18 section, the city of Pleven, triumphed the event after very intense fights with team of Germany. After a draw between these two teams, they were running for the top until the last round of the event. Eventually, Pleven and Germany finished in a tie for the top, each with 13 match points, but according to additional criteria, Pleven took the first place and Germany came second. Bronze medals went to Slovakia scoring 9 match points.

Girls U18- Final rankings


Poland dominated U12 categories winning in both (open and girls) sections. In Open section U12, team of Poland suffered only one loss in the 4th round of the event, which wasn’t enough for runner-ups to catch their score of final 12 match points. Second place went to France with 11 points and third place came to Hungary, who scored 10 match points.

Open U12- Final rankings


With three victories and four drawn matches, without a loss, team of Poland came on the top of Girls U12 section with 10 match points. Three teams tied for the second place, each with score of 9 match points: Turkey, city of Pleven and team Yamal. According to additional criteria, Turkey took silver medals and city of Pleven ended with bronze.

Girls U12- Final rankings


The Closing ceremony of the event took place yesterday, where European Chess Union was represented by ECU Tournament Director, Mr. Petr Pisk.

The event took place from 10th-17th July in Pardubice, Czech Republic, with participation of 53 teams coming from 18 different European federations. Organizers of the event provided the live broadcast of the games, which was available on the official website of the event.

Official Website of the Championship