European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2019 concluded today in Tallinn, Estonia and European Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Champions have been announced.

The event launched with Competition in Solving problems, and the next on the schedule was European Youth Rapid Chess Championship 2019, which was played on 1st and 2nd of December.

More than 650 boys and girls coming from 28 European federation competed in 6 age categories of Rapid Championship: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18, Open and Girls sections separately.

After 9 played rounds, the Winner in Open U8 section became Temirbekov Taimaz (RUS) with score of 8 points. Neizhentsev Kyrylo (UKR) tied with Moskvinov Prokhor (RUS) for the silver medal, but according to additional criteria, Niezhentsev Kyrylo came second and Moskvinov Prokhor took bronze.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U8

Asachenko Ksenia (RUS) took a victory in Girls section U8 scoring 7.5 points, with a full point ahead of the runner-ups. Velychko Sofiya (UKR), Gerasimova Maria V (RUS) and Venskaya Nika (BLR) tied for the second place, each with 6.5 points, but according to tiebreaks, Velychko Sofiya won silver and Gerasimova Maria ended on the third place.

Final rankings- Rapid Girls U8

In U10 open section, Vetokhin Savva (RUS, 1993) and Dubnevych Maksym (UKR, 1714) tied for the top, each scoring 8 points. Thanks to better tiebreaks criteria Vetokhin Savva took gold and Dubnevych Maksym was silver. Morkunas Gustas (LTU, 1735) finished on the third place thanks to better tiebreaks than Toktomushev Teimur (UKR, 1932), since both had score of 7 points.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U10

Shukhman Anna (RUS, 1766) took a crown of European Youth Rapid Chess Champion 2019 in Girls U10 section with 8 points. Fedorova Olesya (RUS, 1569) followed her with 7.5 points, while Mutina Sofia (RUS, 1501), Zubkovskaya Ekaterina (BLR, 1341), Iudina Veronika (RUS, 1396) and Vasiljeva Sofia (LAT, 1401) tied for bronze, each with 6.5 points. Eventually, thanks to the best tiebreaks, Mutina Sofia came third.

Final rankings-Rapid Girls U10

With score of 8 points Savaljev Ivan (RUS, 2047) triumphed in Open U12 section. Navumenka Mikhei (BLR, 1959), Ristic Luka (SRB, 1842) and Nemsadze Daviti (GEO, 1595) scored 7 points each, and tied for the second place. According to tiebreaks, Navumenka Mikhei (BLR) took silver and Ristic Luka (SRB) came third.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U12

In the same age category, in girls section U12, Karmanova Olga (RUS, 1557) became the Winner with 8 points. Manko Mariya (UKR, 1837) and Shubenkova Veronika (RUS, 1781) were in a tie for silver medal, but to additional criteria Manko Mariya came second and Shubenkova Veronika won bronze medal.

Final rankings- Rapid Girls U12

Top seed Lazavik Denis (BLR, 2201) became a Champion in Open U14 section, with score of 8 points. Siniauski Artsiom (BLR, 2068) was silver with 7.5 points and Morgunov Marc (AUT, 2182) ended third with 7 points.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U14

Stepanyan Eva (RUS, 1886) and Zeliantsova Kseniya (BLR, 1899) share the top of Girls U14 section, each with 7 points. Stepanyan Eva took gold thanks to better tiebreaks and Zeliantsova Kseniya received silver medal. Kirchei Viktoriia (RUS, 1948) won bronze thanks to better additional criteria than Tarasenka Aliaksandra (BLR, 1805), since both scored 6.5 points.

Final rankings- Rapid Girls U14

Haring Filip (SVK, 2117) surprised the top seeds and became the Winner in Open U16 section scoring 7 points. Peyrer Konstantin (AUT, 2138) and Golubovskis Maksims (LAT, 2112) scored 6.5 points each, but Peyrer Konstantin took silver and Golubovskis Maksims came third according to the decision of tiebreaks.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U16

Ruzic Pia Marie (SLO, 1741) and top seeded Getman Tatyana (RUS, 2119) scored 7 points each, and the decision of the top rank came to tiebreaks. Eventually Ruzic Pia Marie was crowned as Champion, Getman Tatyana won silver and Pogorelskikh Sofia (RUS, 1891) came third with 6 points.

Final rankings- Rapid Girls U16

Hungarian International master Kozak Adam (HUN, 2240) took convincing victory in Open U18 section scoring 7.5 points, and was a full point ahead of his compatriot Papp Levente (HUN, 2302) and Zarubitski Viachaslau (BLR, 2273) who followed him with 6.5 points, each. According to tiebreaks, Papp Levente was second and Zarubitski Viachaslau came third.

Final rankings- Rapid Open U18

In Girls U18 section Afonsieva Anna (RUS, 2144) was crowned as the Winner with 7.5 points. Rudzinska Michalina (POL, 1777) and IM Badelka Olga (BLR, 2339) tied for the second place, each with 7 points, but tiebreaks decided that Rudzinska Michalina wins silver and Badelka Olga wins bronze medal.

Final rankings- Rapid Girls U18

Immediately by the end of Individual Rapid Competition, European Youth Rapid Team Chess Championship 2019 was played on 2nd of December.

Russian “Champions” team took a victory in U10 section thanks to better tiebreaks thank Ukrainian “Chess Stars”, since each scored 12 match points. Additional criteria also decided the bronze medal, since Swordfish from Russia and team Lithuania 1 were in a tie with 11 points, each. Swordfish came third, and Lithuania 1 was fourth.

Final rankings- Team U10

Team of Belarus 1 scored perfect 14 match points and took a convincing victory in U14 section. St. Petersburg Chess Club from Russia won silver with 11 match points, while Belarus 2 and Yamal from Russia tied for the bronze, each with 10 match points. According to tiebreaks, Belarus 2 took bronze medals and Yamal ended on the 4th place.

Final rankings- Team U14

In U18 section, Russian team took all the victories and became a sole Winner of the event with 14 match points. Belarus and Lithuania tied for the second place with 10 match points, each, but eventually Belarus came second and Lithuania went third.

Final rankings- Team U18

European Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2019 took place today in the morning, with participation of more than 600 players. The event was played in 3 age categories: U10, U14 and U18, open and girls separately.

Temirbekov Taimaz (RUS) and Karvatskyi Oleksii (UKR) tied for the top in Open U10 section, each with score of 8 points. Tiebreaks decided that gold goes to Temirbekov Taimaz and Karvatskyi Olekseii took second place. Ivannikov Maksim (RUS) tied with 3 players for bronze medal, but had the best additional criteria.

Final rankings- Blitz Open U10

Tiebreaks criteria also decided a Winner in Girls U10 section, since Hnatyshyn Anastasiia (UKR), Shukhman Anna (RUS) and Iudina Veronika (RUS) scored 7.5 points, each. Eventually, Hnatyshyn Anastasiia took the 1st place and the title of Champion, Shukhman Anna won silver and Iudina Veronika finished on the third place.

Final rankings- Blitz Girls U10

Keso Elias (FIN, 1808) convincingly won Open U14 section with 8.5 out of 9! Lazavik Denis (BLR, 2222) took silver, Morgunov Marc (AUT, 2141) came third and Colbow Collin (GER, 2187) finished 4th according to additional criteria, since each scored 7.5 points and tied for the second place.

Final rankings- Blitz Open U14

Dubovyk Anastasiia (UKR, 1901) became European Youth Blitz Champion in Girls section U14 scoring 8.5 points. She was 1.5 point ahead of the runner-ups: Tarasenka Aliaksandra (BLR, 1793), Shubenkova Veronika (RUS, 1696) and Kirchei Viktoriia (RUS, 2040) who tied for the second place. Tiebreaks decided that Tarasenka Aliaksandra takes silver and Shubenkova Veronika came third.

Final rankings- Blitz Girls U14

Kozak Adam (HUN, 2385) took another gold in Blitz Open U18 event scoring 7.5 points. Four players tied for the second place, each with score of 7 points, but according to tiebreaks: Gurvich Viraly (RUS, 2380) came second, Van Foreest Lucas (NED, 2527) won bronze, Chukavin Kirill (EST, 2351) was 4th and Makovich Andrey (RUS, 2093) finished on the 5th place.

Final rankings- Blitz Open U18

In Girls section U18 Getman Tatyana (RUS, 1931) scored 7.5 points to be the sole Winner of the event. Urh Zala (SLO, 1928) won silver medal with 7 points and Afonasieva Anna (RUS, 2099) ended on the third place with 6.5 points.

Final rankings- Blitz Girls U18

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