European Youth Online Nations League 2024 – Official invitation

European Chess Federation in cooperation with the English Chess Federation invite all the European National Chess Federations to the European Youth Online Nations League which will take place from 17 January to 13 March 2024 on the Tornelo Online platform. 

The European Youth Online Nations League will be a Team Swiss competition, played in 9 rounds. The scoring will be run on Match points (2 for a match win, 1 for a match draw). The time limit is all moves in 15 minutes, plus 10 seconds per move.

Entry is restricted to two teams per National Chess Federation affiliated to the European Chess Union (ECU) and having no overdue financial liabilities with the ECU. Entry fee per team is 100 euros can be paid through ECU Bank Account or online on the ECU website (select European Online Youth League). Deadline for Registration is the December 30th 2023.

Each team will be represented by 6 players in total, from six categories:

Board 1                        Under 18 Boy              Born 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009
Board 2                        Under 14 Boy              Born 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013
Board 3                        Under 10 Boy              Born 2014 or later
Board 4                        Under 18 Girl              Born 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009
Board 5                        Under 14 Girl              Born 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013
Board 6                        Under 10 Girl              Born 2014 or later

Prior to the Technical Meeting, each country should register their squad. The squad should contain a minimum of 1 player per team per category. The squad must contain no more than 12 players per team. Team captains may use one “emergency substitution” to change their team after the 24-hour deadline, but not later than 1 hour before the scheduled start of the match.

The following technical requirements are required:

  • A computer, to play the games. Mobile phones and tablets are strictly prohibited. A computer that runs a Windows operating system is strongly recommended.
  • A mouse, to make the moves. It is not permitted to use a touchscreen device to make the moves. The computer’s trackpad, if it has one, may be permitted with permission of the Chief Arbiter in advance.
  • A camera, built into the computer, or a webcam affixed to the front of the computer such that the arbiter can see the player on camera. It is strictly prohibited for this device to be a mobile phone.
  • A microphone, so that the arbiter can hear the players during play
  • Speakers, so that the player can hear the arbiter if there needs to be communication with the player from the arbiter
  • An internet connection, to connect to the platform. It is strongly recommended to have a backup Internet connection available. For example, the primary connection may be the house wi-fi, but the backup connection may be to tether to a mobile phone, so long as the mobile phone is situated in another room of the venue in which the games are being played.

The recommended web browser is Google Chrome. Other technical requirements are here:


The Winner of the league will take the title of “European Youth Online Team Chess Champion” and will be awared with the Youth Nations Legaue Cup. The second team will be awarded with the silver medal and the thrird team with the bronze medal.

The best perfomance per board will be awarded with an e-gold medal.  Each players shall play at least 6 games on the claimed board.  Additionally the 6 best player per board will have a free scholarship to the ECU Annual Academy (season 2024-2025).

One team from the winning federation will be accommodated (8 nights, 3 twin rooms for 6 players) at the European Youth Team Championships 2024 (20-28 June Rhodes, Greee with ECU expenses. The federation can choose a complete team in the U18 section (4 boys + 2 girls) or in the U12 section (4 boys and 2 girls). The choice of players is up to each federation and there are no restrictions.

The 2025 competition will be played in Round Robin leagues of 10 teams based on their finishing position in 2024. The top 10 teams will be allocated to Division 1, the next 10 teams allocated to Division 2, and so on. A country may not have two teams in the same Round Robin division.  New entries in 2025 will join in the lowest division. The lowest division will be played as a Swiss, and have a minimum of 20 teams.

ECU Teams certificates will be provided to all participants.


Registration forms here:
For any information contact: