ECU Board Meeting in Tirana, Albania

An extraordinary ECU Board meeting was held in Tirana, Albania, on Saturday 7th October at “COD” the Centre for Openness and Dialogue. ECU expresses its thanks and appreciation to Albanian Chess federation for the hosting of meeting and the successful organization of the European Club Cup 2023.

Main information and Decisions:

In recognition of the efforts of Bulgarian Chess community to re-establish the Bulgarian Chess Federation in the international institutions, based on the procedure set and monitored by ECU and FIDE, the Board of ECU has decided to extend a special invitation to Bulgarian sports chess federation and the Bulgarian women’s national team to the European Women’s Team Championship in Budva, Montenegro (10-21 November 2023).

Additionally, ECU Board has invited the President of the Bulgarian sports chess federation Mr. Milen Vasilev and the delegate GM Antoaneta Stefanova as observers to the 2023 Annual General Assembly in Budva on 19 November.

European Fair Play and FIDE Code of Ethics

The ECU  Board discussed about the investigation of alleged violations of the ECU Fair Play Policy and the FIDE Code of Ethics. As the FIDE Ethics Commission is the most competent body to investigate and adjudicate such violations, especially in all FIDE rated tournaments the ECU Board asked FIDE to clarify how such complaints received by FIDE should be urgently investigated.  The policy initiative in this area is the most important for prevention and for building a safe and respectful environment for all chess players, arbiters, coaches, staff and officials.

European Championships and events

The option for the European Youth Team Chess Championship 2026 is awarded to Pardubice, Czech Republic.

The following European Chess Championships have been awarded as the only remaining bids by the ECU Board:

  • The European Senior Teams Chess Championship 2025 is awarded to Wałbrzych Poland.
  • The European Youth Team Chess Championship 2025 was awarded to Terme, Catez, Slovenia
  • The European Club Cup 2025 is awarded to Rhodes, Greece.