European Online Youth Chess Championship 2020 starts today with participation of more than 700 players from 40 European federations!

The Opening Ceremony of the event will take place at 14:45 CET while the 1st round starts at 15:00 and can be followed LIVE together with LIVE commentaries of WGM Keti Tsatsiashvili and guest Grandmasters: .


European Chess Union organises European Online Youth Individual and Team Chess Championship in four age categories: U12, U14, U16 and U18 (open and girls separately) in period from 18th-20th September 2020.

European National federations have the right to nominate players and teams. Each Federation has the right to nominate up to 3 players per category: Open U18, U16, U14, U12 and Girls U18, U16, U14, U12, one team in open and one team in girls’ section. .

Each Open and Girls Team consist of at least 4 players and maximum 12, competing in all the 4 age Categories in open or girls’ section.

In case a federation cannot consist a team in the Open or Girls section the players can still compete individually and win individual titles and prizes.

European Chess Union has the right to accept and direct entries in case a  National federation does not register players or in special cases.

The event will be played in Swiss System 9 rounds, with time control: 25min + 5 sec per player. Each of the 8 categories will be played individually with category winners. The best 4 collective results (one player per category with the highest score) decide the team winners in open seand girls’ section. Players from the same federation and age group shall not be paired together the last round.


Each National federation will appoint one captain/representative for the technical meeting and any communication during the event.

All the players compete from the approved tournament halls per country. 

Tournament halls are selected and installed by federations and local organisers. Each National federation may select up to 3 venues in 3 different cities which will be approved by the European Chess Union. The venues shall be camera monitored and connected with local Arbiters’ Pc/laptop and central Arbiters Panel.

The playing venues will be observed by local licensed FIDE arbiters who shall be able to communicate in English language. No any electronic device allowed in playing hall, except the player’s PC/Laptop. Players have to download and install ZOOM Client for Meetings from the link:  Players agree to turn on the „Share my Screen” function (in ZOOM) during all games. If a player is not logged into ZOOM chat at the published start time of the match or turns OFF the webcam could result in a loss of the game.

The playing server of the event will be announced by the end of July.

The entry fee is 30 euros per player to be paid directly by the National federation to the ECU Bank account. 

Registrations are made by the National Federation filling the special  registration form and sent it to The players who register for the event will be ranked by the FIDE rapid rating and in case they don’t have then the FIDE Classic or Blitz rating.

Registration deadline is 4th of September 2020.

Official regulations of the event can be downloaded down bellow.

European Online Youth Individual and Team Chess Championship 2020C_Regulations

Registration form