European Online Chess Club Cup will be played from 27th-31st of March 2021, through Tornelo online platform.

The event is open to all European Chess Club, 100 teams will be accepted by priority. In the case of more applications, ECU has the right to accept additional teams.

1st European Online Chess Club Cup will be played within three stages:

  • Qualification phase (27th-28th of March) – Groups consisting of 8 or 10 teams, each, play the Robin round event of 7 or 9 rounds. Groups will be divided according to the average rating of the four (4) basic players, with FIDE March 1st, 2021 list taken in account. Two at least teams of each group qualify for Play-offs.   
  • Play-offs (29th of March) – The qualifiers from the 1st phase. Best ranked 9 teams proceed to the Finals.
  • The final group (30th-31st of March) – 10 teams play Robin round tournament of 9 rounds. The 10th team is invited by ECU, the Winner of European Women’s Online Chess Club Cup- Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo.

Time control of the event will be 15 minutes + 5 seconds of an increment.

Each team consist of 4 basic players, and up to two (2) reserve players. The average FIDE standard rating of 4 basic players shall be at least 2000. Composition of teams is open without any restriction for players belonging to any FIDE federation member.

Each Team shall appoint one captain/ representative for the technical meeting and communication during the event. The entry fee is 250 euros.

Registrations can be done online through the online entry form.
Registration deadline is Friday 19th March 2021 till 15:00 CET .

By filling the online entry form clubs shall upload the team registration form, which can be downloaded down below.

EOCCC2021 – registration form

Payments for the entry fee can be done through ECU Bank Account

online through the following link.

The total prize fund of the event will be 14.000 EUR.

The first ranked team of the Final group will become the European Online Club Cup Winner and will receive the ” Coupe de Monte Carlo”. The second and third team from the final group will win the silver and bronze e-medals.
Money Prizes for Team Winners (11,500 euros) of the Final Group:

1st Winner Team 4000 euros
2nd Winner Team 3000 euros
3rd Winner Team 2000 euros
4th Winner Team 1500 euros
5th Winner Team 1000 euros

Individual e-Medals are won by 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place of each board of final Group. The first winner of each Board of the final group will receive 400 euros (5 x 400). Reserve players are calculated on the 5th Board.

The best game of the tournament will be awarded 500 euros.

ECU Certificates will be available for all Teams.

All the prizes awarded by tiebreaks and can not be shared. 

The event is organised by European Chess Union and Monte-Carlo Chess Club, under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Contact email:

Official Regulations- European Online Chess Club Cup 2021