Europan Online Blitz Chess Championship starts today and will be played till Sunday 20th of December 2020, through Tornelo platform.

More than 350 players from 40 European federations registered for the event, among whom are 327 titled players! The battlefield is led by: Duda Jan-Krzysztof (POL, 2743), Wojtaszek Radoslaw (POL, 2705), Navara David (CZE, 2697), Sargissian Gabriel (ARM, 2682), Van Foreest Jorden (NED, 2671), Bluebaum Matthias (GER, 2670), Jones Gawain C B (ENG, 2670), Guseinov Gadir (AZE, 2665), Grandelius Nils (SWE, 2663), Melkumyan Hrant (ARM, 2663) and other top European players, together with Sarana Alexey (RUS, 2640)- the Winner of European Online Chess Championship 2020.

Starting rank list can be found here.

ECU Presidents Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili sent a welcome message to participants, organisers and sponsors of the event:

European Online Blitz Chess Championship will consist of 3 stages: Qualifications, Top16 playoff and Top4 Superfinals.

Qualification stage will be played in 11 rounds, Swiss system, with a time control of 3 minutes for the whole game, plus 2 seconds of an increment per each move, starting from move one. The best ranked 16 players will qualify for the Top 16 playoff, which will be played within four games matches + Armageddon (5’ vs 4’ with no increment).

The best 4 players from the playoff phase will qualify for Semifinals which will determine the medalists and the Winner of the event. The Superfinal will be played within four games matches + Armageddon.

European Online Blitz Chess Championship will be broadcasted LIVE from 18:00 CET on European Chess TV ! The hosts of the broadcasts are: WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili, GM Marcin Tazo and WFM Maria Leks. Broadcast can be followed here.

List of prizes:

European Online #Chess Championship Regulations can be found here.

Official website of the event