European Chess Championship 2021 kicked off in Reykjavik

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 kicked off yesterday in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The event was opened shortly before the start of the first round. Prime Minister of Iceland Mrs. Katrín Jakobsdóttir and the ECU Deputy President and Chief Organiser Mr. Gunnar Bjornsson addressed the players and made the 1st inaugural move in the game between GM Jones Gawain C B (ENG, 2684) and IM Baltag Iulian (MDA, 2410).

The 1st round of the event brought interesting games and fights and only 7 games ended in a peaceful manner with a draw. Three favourite Grandmasters suffered huge upsets: GM Banusz Tamas (HUN, 2631) lost against FM Heimisson Hilmir Freyr (ISL, 2309), Wecker Martin (GER, 2195) defeated GM Bosiocic Marin (CRO, 2610) and Kueng Nicolas (SUI, 2005) took a victory over GM Hillarp Persson Tiger (SWE, 2543).

Results, pairings and standings

The top 40 boards of each round can be followed live through the Official Website of the event or through the ECU Website.

The Organisers provided LIVE commentaries on games which can be followed through the youtube channel or through the twitch channel.

The round 2 of the European Individual Chess Championship 2021 starts today from 17:00 CEST and the top pairings are:

1IMSuleymanli Aydin 25361 1GMJones Gawain C B 2684
2GMValsecchi Alessio 25271 1GMNavara David 2675
3GMBluebaum Matthias 26741 1GMVan Foreest Lucas 2544
4GMGrandelius Nils 26661 1GMBasso Pier Luigi 2541
5GMDonchenko Alexander 26571 1GMPlat Vojtech 2531
6GMFerreira Jorge Viterbo 25201 1GMAbasov Nijat 2656
7GMMamedov Rauf 26541 1IMPetrov Martin 2521
8GMSarana Alexey 26431 1GMHjartarson Johann 2519
9GMStefansson Hannes 25191 1GMDeac Bogdan-Daniel 2639
10GMMartirosyan Haik M. 26321 1GMSteingrimsson Hedinn 2519

European Individual Chess Championship 2021 is a qualification event for the FIDE World Cup 2023 and the best ranked player aged U20 will be granted a qualification spot for the 2021 FIDE Grand Swiss. The total prize fund of the event is 100,000EUR, with 20.000EUR reserved for the Winner of the event.

Official Website of the event