European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 starts

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2021 starts today in Prague, Czech Republic.

The event is played in two sections: 50+ and 65+.

10 teams will take part in 50+ European Senior Team Chess Championship, Top seeders are: Czech Republic, Slovakia and 1960-69 Czech team.

21 teams from 9 European federations registered for 65+ category. The battlefield is led by: Lasker Schachstiftung GK (Germany), Lysa Nad Labem – 100 Let (Czech Republic) and Israel 1.

146 players in total are attending the competition, among 15 GMs and 26 IMs. List of players is fulfilled with well known names: GM Hracek Zbynek (CZE, 2565), GM Stohl Igor (SVK, 2462), GM Haba Petr (CZE, 2444), GM Vaisser Anatoly (FRA, 2469), GM Knaak Rainer (GER, 2476), GM Kalinitschew Sergey (GER, 2434), GM Jansa Vlastimil (CZE, 2420), GM Vlastimil Hort (GER, 2385) and others.

Starting lists of teams and lists of participants can be found here.

Both sections will be played in 9 rounds, with time control of 90 minutes for 40 moves+ 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per each move, starting from the move one. The official venue – Hotel Don Giovanni.

Live Coverage

More details about the event can be found on the Official Website.