ECU Trainers Commission Projects

The European Chess Union Trainers’ Commission (ECU-ETC) was formed at the end of 2022.

The Commission’s Council was made-up by I.Sokolov (Chairman), Adrian Mikhalchishin (Honorary Chairman), Efstratios Grivas (Secretary), Miguel Illescas (Member), Antoaneta Stefanova (Member), Jana Krivec (Adviser) and Luke McShane (Adviser). The cream of the cream of Europe!

It took some time before all official procedures were done and requirements were met, but we wanted to be sure that we make everything nice, smoothly and legally.

In the end of 2023, the Regulations (including new ECU titles) were officially approved by the ECU Board and it was time to set the Commission on fire!

So, after this obligatory sequence, three seminar educational books (around 200 pages each) were prepared; each of them designed for the training and certification of the ¾ official titles.

These books will be soon be published as well by Chessable (recorded by I.Sokolov, A.Stefanova, R.Ris), but they are given in pdf form (for free) to the webinar/seminar participants as well. This was our first project.

Our second project was the ECU Academy, were we are training (for free) approximately 100 juniors registered by the European Federations (6 months – 96 hours – 4 hours weekly), a project that we started on November 2023. The Lecturers are I.Sokolov, A.Mikhalchishin, E.Grivas, M.Illescas, A.Beliavsky, A.Petrosian, A.Stefanova, R.Ramesh, R.Ris, J.Petronic and J.Krivec; an impressive panel for any world standard!

So, the Commission announced its third project; the first online webinar for 19-28.02.2024. In this webinar, were distinguished Coaches (GM Ivan Sokolov, GM Adrian Mikhalchishin, GM Efstratios Grivas, GM Antoaneta Stefanova, GM Miguel Illescas and WGM Jana Krivec) took over the responsibility to train and certified new ECU Coaches, was held.

In this 18-hours webinar, 19 participants entered the task and were rewarded according their CV, examination and general background. Directory of the ECU Trainers Titles is available here.

Now, we are ready for our 2nd webinar, which will take place May 6-16, 2024. We are waiting you for and adventurer way to the magical world of chess training!