The 2nd ECU Trainers Online Seminar

The ECU Trainers Commission organizes the second Seminar for trainers’ education & titles, from 6-16 May 2024. The Seminar will be held online, with free participation for 25 participants nominated by European National Chess Federations and five free places for participants nominated by the ECU Commission for Women’s Chess.

The Seminar is specially prepared for applicants for the ECU Expert Coach (EEC) and the ECU Junior Coach (EJC) titles. In order to get the EEC or EJC title, each participant must successfully meet the following requirements: Personal Curriculum Vitae (form can be downloaded below), participation in the Seminar, successful pass of the Seminar’s test, and title fee payment (€300 for EEC title and €200 for the EJC title). The titles will be awarded after the approval of the ECU-ETC Council and the ECU Board meeting.

The Seminar will be based on the ECU-ETC Syllabus (Volume 3 – Advanced). The Seminar will comprise 18 hours of lecture and the lecturers are:

  • GM Ivan Sokolov,
  • GM Adrian Mikhalchishin,
  • GM Efstratios Grivas,
  • GM Antoaneta Stefanova,
  • GM Miguel Illescas,
  • GM Gudmundur Kjartansson, and
  • WGM Jana Krivec.

Seminar timetable:

Monday06.05.202418:00 – 21:00
Wednesday08.05.202418:00 – 21:00
Thursday09.05.202418:00 – 21:00
Monday13.05.202418:00 – 21:00
Tuesday14.05.202418:00 – 21:00
Thursday16.05.202418:00 – 21:00

All Registrations & CVs should be sent to the ECU Trainers Commission by email: The registration deadline is 05.05.2024. The seminar is limited to 30 participants.

Directory of the ECU Trainers Titles