The 4th ECU School Chess Teacher training course held in Budapest took place in PODIT Educational and Chess Center from 2nd-3rd December.


The course comprised two days of interactive presentations, group discussions and practical exercises with focus on the teaching aspects of chess. Participants, after completing the course, had to pass the online test to reach the ECU School Chess Teacher Certificate awarded by the ECU, as the confirmation for having an adequate level of chess knowledge and didactic methods for the classroom.


The course was led by Ferenc von Maurer, the member of the ECU Educational Commission and the event was organized in cooperation with Hungarian Chess Federation.

After the first very successful training course held in Budapest, where 15 participants achieved the ECU School Chess Teacher Certificate, this course was passed by 16 participants rewarded with this qualification which is recognized by the European national chess federations as a standard of excellence.

The average result on the test taken by the end of the course was 93.23% . The participants who were awarded with the Certificate are: Szep Janos, Jachym Dorina, Bagi Mate, Nagy Janos, Miko Valer, Joone Szepreti Andrea, Maczko Attila, Sandor Csilla Judit, Guba Miklos, Botlik Bela, Lukacs Laszlo, Paksi Gyula, Peszleg Brigitta, Deakne Baranyai Aniko, Kabai Zsuzsanna and Varga Peter.