1st Online Workshop “Equal Opportunities”

The 1st Online Workshop “Equal Opportunities” will take place from 16th-19th of May 2021.

The main aim of the Workshop is to introduce and explore the most important information about chess players with disabilities. The participants will analyse the situation in chess and reach basic skills for interacting and accommodating people with disabilities acting as Organiser, Trainer and Arbiter.

The following are the goals of the workshop:

  • Increase participants’ awareness of disability issues and disability culture.
  • Educate Chess Arbiters, Trainers & Organisers providing special certificates of specialization.
  • Inform about European programs and activities related with sports & disability

The lecturers are:

  • Trainers: Thomas Luther, GM and FIDE Senior Trainer
  • Organizers: Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, FM and International Organizer
  • Arbiters: Carolina Muñoz Solis, WIM and International Arbiter


(Ms Ismini Tzegka)

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