The Expo Dubai 2020 school chess tournament will be held between the months of April and December 2020 in its classification phase. The on-site phase will be held in March 2021, in accordance with these rules. Matches will be played trough Chess24 online platform, while final phase will be played in March 2021 during Expo Dubai 2020.

The Spain Pavilion in Expo Dubai 2020, in line with the theme of this universal exposition of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” invites all member countries to participate in an event that aims to “increase intelligence for life” and expand awareness of the potential of chess as a key educational tool, as supported by sound scientific studies.

World Online School Chess Tournament is open to all players born after 31 December 2003, regardless on their title or rating, with maximum of 10 teams per country.

Each educational centre interested in participating must register by a computer application installed on the official Tournament portal. It will have to provide details on its activities related to chess.

Each team will be composed of: 7 first-team players, 2 reserves, one captain and an adult delegate responsible for the team during the whole competition.

The games will be played over 20 minutes, with 10 more seconds per move for each of the two players. The time will be controlled by an online chess clock for each game. The average duration of a game will be around 60 minutes.

The number of teams that will reach the final phase in Dubai will be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12. They will have passed the elimination phases, with a total of 90-108 young people, depending on the number of teams that reach the final.

Registration form, more details about Technical requirements and organization of the groups and online matches can be found in official invitation for the event.

World Online School Championship – Expo Dubai 2020- Invitation