November 3, 2019

Teams of Russia took double gold at European Team Chess Championship 2019 in Batumi, Georgia.

Russian Women team defended the title of European Team Chess Champion from 2017, while Russian team in Open section defended the position of the top seed from the beginning of the Championship.

After intense finish of the event in Open section, Russia took narrow 2.5-1.5 victory over Poland, and became the sole Winner with score of 15 match points.

Ukraine, who tied for the top with Russians after round 8, played a draw in a match against Croatia, and thanks to the tiebreaks took silver medals.

Team of England tied for the second place with Ukraine, but eventually came third and took bronze.

Final rankings- Open section

Russian Women team convincingly won in the Women’s section, and maintained the leadership from the very beginning of the Championship. With a sound victory against Turkey, Russian ladies scored 16 match points, and successfully defended the title of European Team Chess Champion from 2017.

Second place came to team of Georgia with 15 match points, who was running-up after the Russians for the whole tournament.

After narrow victory over Armenia, team of Azerbaijan took bronze medals scoring 14 match points.

Final rankings- Women section

The best players per boards in Open section were:

Board 1-

1GMAndreikin Dmitry2741RUSRussia28170868,81
2GMAronian Levon2758ARMArmenia27900862,54
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2686UKRUkraine27710961,12

Board 2-

1GMVitiugov Nikita2732RUSRussia27490764,31
2GMVallejo Pons Francisco2694ESPSpain27350868,87
3GMCheparinov Ivan2670GEOGeorgia27330972,211

Board 3-

1GMBerkes Ferenc2667HUNHungary28440785,726
2GMShirov Alexei2664ESPSpain27810881,37
3GMVolokitin Andrei2627UKRUkraine27480764,32

Board 4-

1GMHalkias Stelios2530GREGreece27810778,614
2GMJones Gawain C B2688ENGEngland27130868,83
3GMGuseinov Gadir2660AZEAzerbaijan27090966,76

Board 5-

1GMDubov Daniil2699RUSRussia28050778,61
2GMOnischuk Vladimir2616UKRUkraine27600875,02
3GMPashikian Arman2599ARMArmenia26950666,74

In Women section, the best players per board were:

Board 1-

1GMDzagnidze Nana2502GEOGeorgia26390977,82
2GMCramling Pia2462SWESweden26210988,926
3IMMammadzada Gunay2427AZEAzerbaijan25650868,83

Board 2-

1GMLagno Kateryna2549RUSRussia25970881,31
2IMPeptan Corina-Isabela2371ROURomania25860881,36
3IMJavakhishvili Lela2457GEOGeorgia24720862,52

Board 3-

1IMMatnadze Ana2383ESPSpain24880875,020
2IMSkripchenko Almira2403FRAFrance24660771,414
3WGMKlek Hanna Marie2248GERGermany24410881,321

Board 4-

1IMArabidze Meri2398GEOGeorgia25710881,32
2IMMammadova Gulnar2369AZEAzerbaijan25320881,33
3GMGunina Valentina2509RUSRussia24140764,31

Board 5-

1WIMSargsyan Anna M.2242ARMArmenia26260887,57
2WFMMovileanu Daniela2173ITAItaly24780778,615
3IMKashlinskaya Alina2481RUSRussia24420570,01

Closing ceremony of the event took place yesterday evening. The closing ceremony was attended by President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, who addressed the teams, and officially declared the event closed.

European Team Chess Championship 2019 took place from 23rd October-3rd November, in Hotel Sheraton, Batumi, Georgia.

Official Website of the event