Three rounds have been played at the European School Chess Championship 2019 and the fourth round is currently ongoing in Mamia, Romania.


Many players emerged on the top of their sections with a perfect score of 3 points. In section Girls U7, Uvgun Alara (TUR) and Leca Andrei Anastasia (ROU) share the top with 3 points each, while four players leg behind tying for the third place with 2 points.

In Girls U9 category, Shatil Or (ISR, 1199) and Mgeladze Kesaria (GEO, 1336) tie for the first place, each with 3 points. Ismavilova Khanim (AZE, 1124) and Zarkua Anastasia (GEO) tie for the third place with 2.5 points, each.


Zhapova Yana (RUS, 1864) emerged on the top as the sole leader of Girls U11 group with perfect 3 points. Babic Masa (BIH, 1715), Babic Milana (BIH, 1677) and Arora Tashika (ENG, 1416) tie for the second place, each with 2.5 points.


Karaivanova Petya (ECU, 1655) and Putinceva Marina (RUS, 1606) lead in section Girls U13 with 3 point each. They are followed by Shugia Klean (ALB, 1858) and Aydin Gulenay (TUR, 1975) with 2.5 points.

Obada Ema (ROU, 1889) is the sole leader of Girls U15 section with maximum score of 3 points, while Zvapaeva Polina (RUS, 1888) follows her with 2.5 points and 5 players tie for the third place, each with 2 points.


Girls group U17 is merged with Open section, with separate prizes. Schitco Ivan (MDA, 2437) is leading in section for Open and Girls U17. Mammadov Sadig (AZE, 2205) and Gavun Dmytro (UKR, 2259) tie for the second place, each with 2.5 points. The best ranked girl in the section is currently Celik Eylul (TUR, 1840) scoring 2 points.

In Open U15 section, domestic player, Ognean Mihnea-Ionut (ROU, 2260) ties with Ceres Dragos (MDA, 2317) for the first place, since both scored 3 points, while Tinarlioglu Emre (TUR, 1907) currently holds the third position with 2.5 points.


Silich Yahor (BLR, 2170) and Simonvan Grigori (RUS, 1979) share the first place in category Open U13, both with 3 points. Nastore Pavel Alexandru (ROU, 1942), Dobre Radu-Fabian (ROU, 1978), Kanli Alperen (AZE, 1737) and Levin Guy (ISR, 2052) tie for the third place, each with score of 2.5.

Very intense fights are happening in section Open U11, where 4 players are in a tie for the first place, each with score of 3 points; Celik Hasan Huseyin (TUR, 1727), Durak Can (TUR, 1626), Gurel Ediz (TUR, 1858) and Samunenkov Ihor (UKR, 1972).


Also 4 players tie for the top of Open U9 section: Zheng Harry Z (ENG, 1556), Tutunculer Cagan (TUR, 1193), Utlu Mustafa Ali (TUR, 1148) and Karimli Yusif (AZE, 1401), each with maximum 3 points.

In the Open category for the youngest, U7, Simsek Can (TUR), Damodaran Patrick (ENG, 1132) and Tatvidze Davit (GEO) are in a tie for the top, each with 3 points.


All the results, rankings and pairings of each round can be followed here. Also, live broadcast of top boards of each section is available through the official website of the event.

The event was declared opened on the Opening ceremony which took place on 1st of June, with attendance of ECU President, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, ECU Secretary General, Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, and ECU Vice Presidents: Mr. Johann Pocksteiner and Mr. Ion Dobronauteanu.


Official Website of the event