Monaco Individual Chess Championship 2020 took place from 24th February – 1st March and Monaco Chess Champions in Open, Women and Blitz sections have been announced.

GM Efimov Igor (MNC, 2399) won the main event scoring 6.5 points out of 9 games and became National Chess Champion of Monaco. He was followed by IM Villegas Pierre (MNC, 2341), who became Vice-Champion with score of 5.5 points, while WGM Dornbusch Tatiana (MNC, 2269) took bronze with 4.5 points.

Dornbusch Tatiana was the best ranked Women player and won the title of Women National Chess Champion of Monaco.

Final rankings

Monaco Blitz Chess Championship 2020 was held on 28th February, and the Winner of the event became IM Villegas Pierre (MNC, 2391) with perfect score 11/11!

GM Efimov Igor (MNC, 2439) came silver with 10 points, and Verdier Patrice (FRA, 2104) took bronze scoring 9 points.

Final rankings- Blitz