ICCD European Deaf Chess Championships

TOG Amsterdam on behalf of the KNDSB (Netherlands) and International Chess Committee of the Deaf (ICCD) organise a. 3rd ICCD European Individual Deaf Chess Championships b the 25th ICCD Europa Cup Open Deaf Club Team Championship and c. the 9th ICCD Open Individual Deaf Chess Tournament.

All the events will simultaneously take place from 18th-22rd October 2021, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The playing venue will be the Bijlmer Sportcentrum – Anton de Komplein 157, 1102 DR Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 3rd European Individual Deaf Chess Championship will be played in 4 sections: Men, Women, Junior and Senior. The event is open to all the players from affiliated ICCD Member countries.

For new players, audiograms must be submitted. A player must have 55+ decibels loss in the best ear. Use of hearing aids/cochlear implants is prohibited.

Up to 2 players from each country can register in Men’s section of the ICCD European Individual Deaf Championship, plus Grandmasters and International masters. In women’s section, up to 4 players from each country (plus GMs and IMs), while in Juniors and Senior sections there is unlimited number of participants per country.

25th ICCD Europa Cup Open Deaf Club Team Championship is an Open Club Team tournament. There are no limits for participants per federation. Teams shall consist of 4 players + 2 reserve players (up to 6 players per team).

All the events will be played in 7 rounds Swiss system format, with time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds of increment per each move, starting from the move one.

Contact information:

ICCD Secretary (Ivan Kulakov): iccd.gensec@gmail.com
Host Organizing Committee: tog@swda.nl www.dovenschakenamsterdam.nl

Official regulations of the event and detailed information