International Chess Open Graz 2020, which takes place from 13th-21st February opens today with a blitz tournament.

The blitz tournament, a warm up event for the Open championship, gathered 79 participants. The top seeds are: Palac Mladen (CRO, 2610), Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo (PER, 2601), Fröwis Georg (AUT, 2550), Livaic Leon (CRO, 2537), Nagy Gabor (HUN, 2526).

Starting rank list- Blitz

The main Open event will start tomorrow, and will be played in 3 categories: A (for players rated over 2000), B (for players rated less than 2000) and C (For players rated less than 1700).

400 players are registered for 3 groups. 212 players will compete in A group, and the very strong line up is led by Socko Bartosz (POL, 2619), Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo (PER, 2606), Meshkovs Nikita (LAT, 2565), Shevchenko Kirill (UKR, 2553), Dragnev Valentin (AUT, 2546), Shengelia David (AUT, 2544)…

Starting rank list- Open A

Top boards will be live transmitted and live broadcast will be available through the Official website of the event.

All the events will be played in Novapark Hotel, located in Graz.

Official Website