European Youth Team Chess Championship 2023 opens in Iasi, Romania

The European Youth Team Chess Championship 2023 will kick off this Monday, and will be played from 24th-30th July in Iasi, Romania.

The event will be played in two age categories: U12 and U18, open and girls sections separately. Each team in the Open sections are composed of four players and one reserve, and the teams in the girls’ competitions are composed of two players and one reserve.

The Championships will be played in 7 rounds, swiss system, with a time control of 90 min. + 30 sec. increment for every move played starting from move 1. The playing venue of the event is the Conference Hall of the Unirea Hotel in Iasi, Romania.

52 teams coming from 13 European federations registered for the event, represented by more than 170 players. The top seeded teams in the Open U18 section are: Israel (average rtg of players 2432), Armenia (average rtg of players 2397), Germany (average rtg of players 2387), and the field of the Girls U18 category is headlined by: Germany (average rtg of players 2173), Poland (average rtg of players 2165), and Israel A (average rtg of players 2111). Romania (average rtg of players 2041) is the top-seeded in the Open U12 category, followed by Germany (average rtg of players 2006) and Poland (average rtg of players 1907), and the top seeds in the Girls’ U12 championship are: PACA France (average rtg of players 1688), Slovenia (average rtg of players 1648) and Germany (average rtg of players 1625).

Starting lists of players and teams can be found here.

Photo from European Youth Team Chess Championship 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Titles & Prizes

The winning teams in each competition will receive trophies, medals and the title “European Youth Champion Team 2023” in its respective category. The winning team of the combined age category of the competition (sum of the match points from both tournaments open & girls, then, if equal, sum of the game points) receives the title “Absolute European Youth Champion Team 2023” in its respective age category. ECU Certificates for all participants will be awarded.

Detailed information about the event can be found on the official website.