European Senior Team Chess Champions crowned in Poland

European Senior Team Chess Championship 2023 concluded yesterday in the city of Swidnica, Poland, after the intense last round which determined the Winners in both 50+ and 65+ categories.

Scoring all victories and perfect 16 match points, the teams of England 1 and Slovakia tied for first place in the 50+ section before the final round. The direct encounter between the leading duo was scheduled for round 9 and finished after the thrilling fight. England prevailed with a narrow 2.5-1.5 victory to clinch the gold medal.

Composition of the Winning team:

  1. GM Mark Hebden (ENG, 2436)
  2. GM John Emms (ENG, 2448)
  3. GM Keith Arkell (ENG, 2392)
  4. GM Glenn Flear (ENG, 2395)
  5. GM Chris Ward (ENG, 2387)

Slovakia came second with the final score of 16 match points.

England 2 claimed bronze scoring 14 match points.

The best ranked Women’s team in the event was England Women’s team scoring 10 match points and claiming the title of the European Senior 50+ Women’s Champions. The Lithuanian Women’s team was second with 3 match points.

Composition of the Winning team:

  1. IM Susan Lalic (ENG, 2258)
  2. WGM Sheila Jackson (ENG, 2039)
  3. WIM Ingrid Lauterbach (ENG, 2011)
  4. WFM Petra Fink-Nunn (ENG, 1982)
  5. WIM Natasha Regan (ENG, 1974)

In the 65+ category, the team of Slovakia convincingly won the gold medal with a maximum score of 18 match points.

Composition of the Winning team:

  1. GM Lubomir Ftacnik (SVK, 2457)
  2. GM Jan Plachetka (SVK, 2284)
  3. IM Alois Land (SVK, 2240)
  4. IM Peter Petran (SVK, 2189)

England 1 came second with 16 match points.

Polish Lower Silesia 1 finished third with 11 match points.

Germany Women’s team was the best-ranked female team in the competition with 9 match points.

Composition of the Winning team:

  1. WIM Brigitte Burchardt (GER, 2142)
  2. WIM Annett Wagner-Michel (GER, 2078)
  3. WFM Mira KIerzek (GER, 1937)
  4. Liubov Orlova (GER, 1990)

The final standings of both events can be found here.

Final table for the best individual players of each board can be found here (50+ section) and here (65+ section).

Photo gallery (photos by Kamil Galuszka):