European Women’s Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2023 – Official invitation

The European Women’s Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2023 organised by the Federation Monegasque des Echecs under the auspices of the European Chess Union will be held from 11th-15th January 2024 (the dates moved from December 2023 to January 2024 due to venue commitment) in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The first event on the schedule will be the European Women’s Blitz Chess Championship 2023 to be played on the 12th of January. The event will be played in 13 rounds, swiss system, with the time control of 3 minutes game + 2 seconds per move starting from the first move.

The European Individual Rapid Chess Championship will be played from 13th-14th January, according to the Swiss system, in 11 rounds, with the time control 15 minutes game + 10 seconds per move starting from the first move.

The Championship is open to all players representing Chess Federations which are ECU members regardless of their title and rating. There is no limit to the number of participants per federation. Registration starts after 1st August 2023. Applications must be sent to the Tournament Director, Jean Michel Rapaire by mail: The registration deadline is 31 December 2023.

The Championships will be held in the Hotel Novotel, Monaco.

Hotel Novotel, Monaco

The Monaco Chess Federation offers special conditions (rooms, breakfast and transfer free, gift cards 300€ for lunch and dinner) for the 10 top invited women players.   

The total prize fund of the event is 22.000 EUR.

Contact information:
Office phone: +33650576354
Tournament Director: Jean Michel Rapaire