European Union Youth Chess Championship 2019 is currently ongoing in Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic.


The level of the event is in good standards – in category U8 is leading Ochedzan Filip (POL, 6 points out of 6 rounds!), in U10 with  4,5 points Haasova Timea (SVK) and Grabs Peter (GER), in U12 with 5 points Finek Vaclav and Lang Simon (both CZE), in U14 Nadzamova Viktoria (SVK) with 5,5 points.

Among the beautiful and fighting games are played, the organizers award the best games in each category daily. After the first six rounds Ochedzan Filip (POL), Andries Alexia (ROU), Kapicakova Lucia (SVK), Vokoun Tomas (CZE), Polackova Eva (SVK), Litcanu Daria-Tiana (ROU), Zelbova Lada (CZE), Obada Ema (ROU), Kroulik Vaclav (CZE), Valpas Jami (FIN), Magold Filip (ROU), Nadzamova Viktoria (SVK), Bako Isabella (GER), Roubal Matyas (CZE), Griksaite Egle (LTU), Turski Bartolomiej (POL), Laaksonen Iivo (FIN), Haasova Timea (SVK), Lang Simon (CZE), Matasaru Stephanie (ROU), Griksaite Laura (LTU), Grabs Peter (GER), Salonen Aku (FIN), Subjakova Kristina (SVK) have been awarded.


Additional programme started on last Monday with a simultaneous game against IM Petr Pisk, ECU Tournament Director. 15 participants  played a 40 minutes against the Intenrnational Master. After a big fight the final score was 10,5-4,5 in favor of Petr Pisk. Vana Jan, Roubal Matyas (both CZE), Griksaite Ieva (LTU) beated IM Pisk and draw was made by Griksaite Laura, Bertuzis Kipras (both LTU), Rempe Jonas (GER).


On Wednesday there was a blitz tournament, where 27 players (players of EUYCC, coaches, parents) from 9 countries participated. The winner be­came Oltean Cristian-Daniel (ROU, 7 points out of 9 rounds) ahead of Vainikka Toni (FIN, 6.5 points) and Balaban-Voia Alexandru (ROU, 6.5 points). All winners received nice gifts. Results can be found at the following link.


Among others leisure time activities, participants of the tournament using mostly the swimming pool, playing bowling, table tennis and enjoying the beauty of the nature in surroundings.

All games are transmitted on-line, so the parents and trainers either at home or in the hotel can follow them.

IO Zdeněk Fiala, director

Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou