European Small Nations Championship 2021 will be played from 17th-25th April 2021 in a hybrid format, following a unanimous decision by the ten ESNA member countries of Zone 1.10.

The winner of the event will be granted one of the ECU spots in the forthcoming FIDE World Cup 2021.

Each ESNA member Federation nominated one of its players and the event will be held with 10 participants, as a 9 rounds round-robin tournament, with time control 120 minutes for the game for each player, with 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.

Starting rank list can be found on the following link.

Every player will play from a designated venue, decided by his Chess Federation, which cannot change during the Tournament unless major events bind the player or the Federation to do so. The Championship will be played on the platform

Every venue will be supervised by one local arbiter who will connect a second camera to grant a full sight of the venue itself. All the venue cameras will be connected to a specific videoconference that will be set up and circulated by the Chief Arbiter Marco Biagoli.

ESNA Zonal Championship 2021- Official Regulations