After 10 days of harsh struggles at the European School Chess Championship 2019, the event was declared closed on the Closing ceremony, and the European School Chess Champions were announced.


The Closing Ceremony of the event was attended by the President of European Chess Union, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, and ECU Treasurer, Mr. Ion Dobronauteanu.


In Open section for the youngest players, Open U7, the Winner became Tatvidze Davit (GEO) who scored perfect 9 points out of 9 games! Four players tied for the second place: Pantev Kalovan (ECU), Savu Vicentiu-Dorian (ROU, 1133), Babayeb Yusif (AZE) and Allahverdi Umid (AZE, 1018), each with 6 points. According to the tiebreaks, Pantev Kalovan took silver and Savu Vicentiu-Dorian took bronze medal.

Open U7- Final rankings


Karimli Yusif (AZE, 1401) took the first place in Open U9 section, with convincing maximum score 9/9. Second place came to Durucay Uygar (TUR, 1517) with 7.5 points, while the third place went to Bayramli Rafael (AZE, 1338) with 6.5 points.

Open U9- Final rankings


In Open section U11, top seeder, Samunenkov Ihor (UKR, 1972), took gold with score of 7.5 points. Second place went to Celik Hasan Huseyin (TUR, 1727) with 7 points, while Gurel Ediz (TUR, 1858) and Gusev Mikhail (RUS, 1552) tied for the bronze medal, each with 6.5 points. Thanks to the better tiebreaks, Gurel Ediz came third, and Gusev Mikhail ended on the fourth place.

Open U11- Final rankings


Silich Yahor (BLR, 2170) became the Winner of Open U13 section with score of 7.5 points. Nastore Pavel-Alexandru took silver with 7 points, and Simonvan Grigori (RUS, 1979) came on the third place thanks to the better tiebreaks than Dobre Radu-Fabian (ROU, 1978), since they were in a tie with 6.5 points, each.

Open U13- Final rankings


Ognean Mihnea-Ionut (ROU, 2260) triumphed in Open U15 category scoring 8.5 points. Three players tied for the second place, but according to additional criteria, Ceres Dragos (MDA, 2317) took silver medal, Tinarlioglu Emre (TUR, 1907) was third, and Balan Bogdan (ROU, 2027) came fourth.

Open U15- Final rankings


In Open section U17, Schitco Ivan (MDA, 2437) took gold medal with 7.5 points, while Stoleriu George (ROU, 2372) and Mammadov Sadig (AZE, 2205) tied for the silver medal, each with 6.5 points. Eventually, tiebreaks decided that silver goes to Stoleriu George and brozne to Mammadov Sadig.

Open U17- Final rankings


Uygun Alara (TUR) triumphed in Girls section U7, with impressive 9 points. Second place went to Leca Andrei Anastasia (ROU) with score of 8 points, and Machavariani Eni (GEO) took bronze with 7 points.

Girls U7- Final rankings


In Girls section U9, Mgeladze Kesaria (GEO, 1336) came on the top of the list with 7 points. Shatil Or (ISR, 1199) and Ismayilova Khanim (AZE, 1124) tied for the second place and according to the additional criteria, Shatil Or came second and Ismayilova Khanim ended third.

Girls U9- Final rankings


Zhapova Yana (RUS, 1864) took victory in Girls U11 section with score of 8 points. She was followed by sisters Babic Masa (BIH, 1715) and Babic Milana (BIH, 1677), who ended on the second and the third place with score of 7 points and 6.5 points, respectively.

Girls U11- Final rankings


Karaivnova Petya (ECU, 1655) came on the first place in Girls U13 section, scoring 7.5 points. She was a full point ahead of the runner-ups Aydin Gulenay (TUR, 1975) and SHugja Klean (ALB, 1858), each with score of 6.5 points. According to the tiebreaks, Aydin Gulenay took silver and Shugja Klean took bronze medal.

Girls U13- Final rankings


Obada Ema (ROU, 1889) became the Winner of Girls U15 section with score of 7.5 points, a point and a half ahead of the followers. Zyapaeva Polina (RUS, 1888) was second with 6 points and Donghvani Nia (GEO, 1914) took bronze thanks to the better tiebreaks than Trzaskowska Hanna (POL, 1570), who reached the same score of 5.5 points.

Girls U15- Final rankings


Girls section U17 was merged with open section due to the lack of participants. After 9 played rounds, Celik Eylul (TUR, 1840), Verbin Valentina (MDA, 1961) and Sahin Hayrun Nisa (TUR, 1771) tied for the first place, each with 4.5 points. Tiebreaks decided that gold goes to Celik Eylul, silver to Verbin Valentina and bronze medal to Sahin Hayrun Nisa.

Girls U17- Final rankings


Besides the main event, the blitz Championship took place on the 4th of June.  The European School Chess Championship 2019 took place from 30th May- 9th June in Mamaia, Romania. The event took place in Constanta Exhibition Center and the organizers provided the live transmission of the top boards.

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