European Online Corporate Chess Championship 2020 will take place from 3rd-4th October 2020.

The event is open to all business, entities & organisations – regardless of their size. Each entity registers one team and has the right to nominate unlimited number of  players:  Companies, organisations, clubs involved with chess are excluded.

ECU approves the registrations according the regulations of the event.

The participants shall have a valid relation with the Company at least since 1st June  2020 (stakeholders, members of the Board, managers, employees).

Each Team, consists of at least 3 players, competing individually, best 3 individual results of the team members count for the Team score. In case a company cannot consist a team, players can still compete individually and win individual medals and prizes.

Each Team will appoint one captain/representative for the technical meeting and communication during the event.

Team entry fee is 300 euros for a team with 3 to 6 players and 500 euros for more than 6 players. Entry fee for the players competing only individually is 50 euros.

Registrations are made by the companies through an online entry form. Registration opens on 1st August can will close on 25th September.

The registered players will be ranked on the starting list according to their FIDE rapid rating, and if they don’t have FIDE rapid rating, FIDE Classical and then FIDE blitz rating will be considered.

The event will be played with the following schedule and system of play:

  • 1st Day  (Saturday, 3rd October): Swiss System  7 rounds, 10min + 2 sec per player.
  • 2nd Day (Sunday, 4th October): Swiss System 9 rounds, 5min + 2 sec per player.

The best 3 players, of each entity, cumulative results decide the Team standings  for each day. According the standings of each day the first 20 teams receiving the Team following points.  The 1st team 20 points, the 2nd team 19 points and respectively the 20th team 1 point.  The points of Teams from 1st and 2nd Day are added and decide the Team Winners (f.e 18 points (1st day) + 10 points (2nd day) = 28 total Team points).

The individual winners are decided adding the final results of each player for both  days. (f.e 5 points (1st day) + 6 points (2nd day) = 11 points. 

Prizes for the Team Winners:

1st Winner Company– Three (3) Full package Invitation Golden Pawn Award Ceremony
2nd Winner Company– Two (2) Full package Invitation Golden Pawn Award Ceremony 
3rd  Winner Company– 1 Full package Invitation Golden Pawn Award Ceremony

The first 8 Companies in the final ranking qualify also for the Online Invitational  Grand Team event that will be organised by ECU in November 2020 with special coverage.

The first 20 companies in the standings can nominate one player less than 1500 FIDE Rating or no rating for an online simultaneous exhibition game with a Top Grandmaster. 

The Chess for Life Grand Award is presented to the Organisation entering the most  participants. It recognizes the achievement of a very special Organisation whose management and staff have responded to the challenge of team spirit and morale in the workplace.

Individual Medals are won by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in three sections: over 2000 ELO rating, less than 2000 rating and no rated/no FIDE id participants, to recognize personal achievement.

The first 3 winners of individual standing (players) win money prizes: 1st 700 euros, 2nd 500 euros and 3rd 300 euros.

ECU Certificates will be available for all Companies and participants.

More details are available in the regulations of the event which can be downloaded down bellow.

European Online Corporate Chess Championship 2020- Official Regulations

Brochure of European Online Corporate Chess Championship 

Online Registration here: