European Corporate Chess Championship 2024 in Paris, France

The European Corporate Chess Championship 2024,will be organized by Asniere Le Grand Echiquier under the auspices of the European Chess Union from 22-23 November 2024 in the City Hall of Asnieres sur Seine, Paris, France.

The event will be played in 9 rounds, swiss system, with time control of 15 minutes for the whole game, plus 5 seconds of an increment starting from move one. The system of match points is as follows: a match won is worth 3 match points, a draw 2 match points, a match lost on the chessboard 1 match point, and a match lost by forfeit 0 match points.

The playing venue – City Hall of Asnieres sur Seine

The tournament is open to teams from corporate entities based in Europe. Each team shall be composed of 4 players and possibly one substitute.

Each team :
⦁ Can only have one player over 2400 ELO (FIDE Rapid Rating – October 2024 FIDE Rating
⦁ Must include at least one player below 2000 ELO participating in each round.
⦁ For each round, at least two players on the team should have an employment relationship
(or similar) with the corporate entitie they are playing for. Players are ranked in order of initial team
composition (FIDE rating lists October 2024) in order to play amateurs against amateurs as much as
⦁ All participants must be over 16 years old

The registration deadline is November 1st, 2024.

Photo from European Corporate Chess Championship 2022

The total prize fund of the event will be 6.000 eur, with 3.000 eur reserved for the Winner, 2.000 eur for silver medalists and 1.000 eur for the bronze medalists.

Contact information:

Jean-Claude Moingt:
+33 6 03 00 47 79 &