The European Chess Union, sole European Chess official organisation comprised of 55 European national chess federations and recognized by the World Chess Federation FIDE, calls for a tender open to all interested persons for:

A customized design for a trophy dedicated to the winners of the European Club Cup Chess Championships, Open and respectively Women section, the official ECU event.

  1. ECU is looking for a modern and prestigious design, presented/adapted in 2 variations for open and women championships, possible to be handcrafted in an identical or an adapted form.
  2. Trophy design specifications:

— has to be submitted in an common graphic format as .PDF, .JPG and additional in a professional design format

— the Trophy dimensions have to be between 40 cm and 80 cm height and the estimated weight not exceeding 7 kg each

— Trophy material/s have to be usual materials for this kind of object, materials possible to be handcrafted in workshops by usual technical and costs conditions (metal, stone wood, glass, etc)

— in the design shall be included the ECU logo

  1. Deadline for submissions: Monday 29th August 2016 by email to the address:
  1. Together with the design, Tenders have to submit a declaration that they are the authors and have full rights for the design and that in case of winning the tender, they cease the rights of the design to the ECU.
  1. The jury nominated by the President of the ECU will select a number of designs and the ECU Board will award the winner of the tender. The results will be published no later than Monday 19th September 20016 on
  1. Prizes: The winner of the tender will be awarded with 500 Euro and will receive an Award Certificate electronic/by email. The winner of the award is responsible for any taxes and any other fiscal obligations. All tenders selected by the Jury will receive Jury Award Certificates electronic/by email.
  1. Rights and liabilities: ECU has the obligation to award the money prize and Awards Certificates according to 6 and is not obliged to reply or to send back any correspondence, samples, files, materials received from senders. Tenders will send proposals in accordance with point no. 4, the winner of the tender by receiving the prize is ceasing the rights for the design to ECU, there is no other obligation between the ECU and the other participants.
  1. The tender process has no appeal or challenge options.
  1. Deadline for submitting questions is 22nd July 2016 at: