The European Chess Club Cup for Men and Women starts on 6th November, in Novi Sad, one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia.

Novi Sad

Everything is set for the arrival of the best players in the World, and two days before the tournament start, some of them have already arrived.

Women’s World Champion Hou Yifan, who leads the 5-times European Club Cup Champion Cercle d’Echecs Monte-Carlo, as well as he Chinese colleagues Ding Liren and Yu Yangyi arrived at Hotel Park, the official venue of the event.

Hou Yifan

The great number of 77 clubs in total (63 in Open section and 14 in Women’s section) are promising an amazing tournament with big fights and interesting games.

Russian „Siberia“ and Georgian „Nona“ are defending the titles in open and Women’s section respectively, but there are many more contenders for this prestigious title, such as Alkaloid (FYRM), Padova, Novy Bor (CZE), Mednyi Vsadnik (RUS), Serbian VSK Sveti Nikolaj Srpski etc in the Open section, as well as already mentioned Cercle d’Echecs (MNC), Ugra Chess Club, SHSM “Legacy Square” Moscow ( and Saint Petersburg (all from Russia), etc in Women’s section.


The event is taking place from 6th to 12th November, 2016. The opening ceremony will be held on Saturday 5th November at 7.30 pm, while the 1st round starts on 6th November at 3.00 pm (Serbian time).

For the first time in such event, the ECU is presenting new cups specially designed for the European Chess Club Cup 2016 for Men and Women.


The organizers also provided broadcast of the games for all the chess fans around the world, to enjoy the brilliant moves of chess virtuosi.

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