Already seven rounds were played within EU Youth Chess Championship 2016! After the round 7, the leader in category of boys and girls in U8 is Blazej Grot (POL), in category U10 Deyan Samuil Kostov (BUL), in U12 duo Barnabas Persanyi (HUN), Vladimir Pavlov (BUL) and in U14 Romanian duo Bogdan-Emanuel David and Radu-Cristian Fluerariu.

playing hall 5


Daily there are awarded the best games of each round elected by IM Pisk. Due to the high performance during the rounds 5 – 7, awarded players are: Markuss Berzinsh (LAT), Aron Pasti (HUN), Barnabas Persanyi (HUN), Daria Vanduyfhuys (BEL), Sofia Barkasheva (EST), Simon Salgovic (SVK), Georgi Stoyanov (BUL), Ruben Mantel (GER), Blazej Grot (POL), Pavel-Alexandru Nastore (ROU), Sandro Stephan (FRA) and Stiliyan Nanovski (BUL).

playing hall 6

On Friday huge amount of participants used the possibility to see Hand-made paper-mill Velke Losiny (established in 1596).

On Saturday morning there will be return simultaneous game with IM Petr Pisk.

In the hotel there is a lot of possibilities to enjoy the leisure time, daily is possible to play table tennis, football, bowling, use the swimming pool, wellness, etc. All participants are using the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Dlouhe Strane for walk and relaxation.

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