On Sunday, August 14th culminated in Kouty nad Desnou (CZE) fights for winning EU Youth Chess Championship 2016.

The last rounds were full of fights and tension. In category Boys U8 took the first place Blazej Grot (POL), the second place Jakov Klonov (GER) and the third Markuss Berzinsh (LAT). In category Girls U8 took the first place only six year old Wiktoria Smietanska (POL), the second place Lin Englert (GER) and the third Nora Rasheva (BUL).


Champion EU in category Boys U10 has become Deyan Samuil Kostov (BUL), silver medal took Valentin Genov (BUL) and the third place took Aron Pasti (HUN). In category Girls U10 has won Lucia Kapicakova (SVK), second place took Zuzanna Rejniak (POL) and the third place took Tatana Nespora (CZE).


In category Boys U12 has won Barnabas Persanyi (HUN), second place took Daniel Dardha (BEL) and the third place took Richard Turcan (SVK). Champion EU Girls U12 has become Alessia-Mihaela Ciolacu (ROU), the second place took Eniko Kiss (HUN) and the third place took Vitalia Khamenya (GER).


In category Boys U14 has won Radu-Cristian Fluerariu (ROU), the second place took Bogdan-Emanuel David (ROU) and the third place took Arthur Wachtel (GER). In category Girls U14 Champion EU has become Stella Sankova (SVK), the second place took Zuzana Gresova (CZE) and the third finished Daria Vanduyfhuys (BEL).


Players who took first three places in each of categories got a cup and diploma. Every participant of EUYCC got a medal. All eight champions EU are leaving Kouty nad Desnou with a notebook! The next five players in each category also got valuable prizes. Every player got a T-Shirt with logo of EUYCC.


The prizes were given by director of the event Mr. Zdenek Fiala together with the tournament director of ECU Mr. Petr Pisk and director of the hotel Dlouhe Strane Ms. Irena Svedova.


Before Sundays finale there was a rematch simultaneous game with IM Pisk. There was nine players, who had as Petr Pisk 30 minutes on their clocks. The result was 6:3 for IM Pisk (won Adam Josef Ret and Adam Sustek and the draw was made by Tomas Vokoun and Ondrej Dejmal).


EU Youth Chess Championship 2016 under the patronage of the ECU was organized by Sachovy klub Svetla nad Sazavou in cooperation with the Czech Chess Federation. Boys and girls played in the same tournament, but were evaluated separately.

Championship had 85 players from 14 federations. All games were on-line transmitted. Young players have been pleased by awarding best game of each round. Thanks to the performance during the round eight to nine these players were rewarded: Jakob Klonov (GER), Deyan Samuil Kostov (BUL), Richard Turcan (SVK), Arthur Wachtel (GER), Sofia Barkasheva (EST), Denis Werner (GER), Barnabas Persanyi (HUN) and Bogdan-Emanuel David (ROU).

Simultaneous chess game with IM Pisk

For all participants and accompanying persons organizers had prepared chess and non-chess leisure time activities. Excursion to Hand-made paper-mill Velke Losiny, simultaneous games with IM Pisk, blitz tournament. Participants of the championship had available many leisure time activities. In the hotel they could use swimming pool, wellness, sauna, table tennis, bowling, pool, etc. On the official website organizers placed photo gallery from tournament and other activities. Photo gallery is still being filling in with interesting photos.


Eventually I would like to thank all players for their performance and fair play, all parents and coaches for cooperation, arbiters for running the tournament and all cooperators for their work. Hope you enjoyed together with us this championship and believe to see us again the next year!

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IO Zdenek Fiala

Director of the championship